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What can I make with Majoram?

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I was cleaning out my cupboard this week, and I found 3 packets of majoram (herb/spice). I'd like to use it, but for what?
Does anyone have any recipe ideas, or suggestions on where I could look to find ideas?
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I always use it for meat, especially roast chicken. Salt, pepper, marjoram, that's it!
It's an ingredient in Italian seasoning so you could use it in home made spaghetti or pizza sauce.
I used to use it in tuna salad.
I use it to flavor chicken stock sometimes.
Use it to replace oregano in any of your recipes. The plants are related (it's actually hard to get fresh marjoram sometimes because it cross-breeds with oregano easily). Marjoram has a more distinct, sweeter flavor, but it's very similar. Replacing oregano with it gives your dishes a totally new edge!

As a side note, does anybody else have trouble finding marjoram in the stores? I had to mail order my last jar because the groceries around here don't carry it.
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I got mine at the farmer's market.
Some gourmet stores carry it.
Pizza sauce.
I like it better than oregano, actually, and freely substitute marjoram for oregano in all my recipes.
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