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what can I use these for so I don't have to throw them away?

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My family has recently started our organic journey as I like to call it. I know it's more expensive but health is the greatest wealth in my opinion. So I want to stop using all our toxic commercial products. From all that I have been learning about commerical personal care products, I truly feel bad using them. So because I know that bad thoughts can sometimes be enough to make us sick, if the products alone don't hurt my family, my ill thoughts might. So I REALLY want to not use them anymore. With that said, I dont' just want to throw them away because I know that we spent money on them. So is there any thing I can use them on other then our bodies? Can shampoo be used for house cleaning, dish cleaning, etc? I have a Costco sized not even opened yet bottle of baby shampoo, numerous other shampoos. and gigantic bottles of hand soap, among others. I wanted to keep a small bottle or two for guests to use, if they don't bring theirs. But a bottle as big as the one I have sitting there will last us a lifetime and I want to declutter what I can. Any suggestions?
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I don't know if you have a Whole Foods near you or if they're doing this too... the Whole Foods near me is doing two days of exchange where you bring in your conventional cleaning products and, while supplies last, they will give you natural products to replace them.
If they are really from Costco, they are great about returning things. They may take lots of it back
Could you donate them to maybe a women's shelter or the food bank or something??
I wouldn't use those things on dishes, but I bet they'd be fine for cleaning toilets and bathtubs and things like that. Maybe not as safe as natural cleaners meant for those things, but probably better than most "regular" bathroom cleaners.

Returning or donating the unopened one might be a better idea though.
donating sounds good. all but one are opened. (the refill baby shampoo) Would a shelter want opened bottles? I'd also love to find out about the Whole Foods thing!
Shampoo is a GREAT laundry pre-treater. Just put some on the stain, rub in with a toothbrush (or something similar) and wash as normal. (This works especially well on food stains and those mysterious "grease spots" that are sometimes left after clothes have been through the dryer.)

You might also use the shampoos and hand soaps to wash your dog or your car, since they're probably gentle.
craigslist, ask your church but donate and you will like the space left!
just wash with shampoo, and a washrag or rag.
When I switched from commercial cleaning products I listed them on freecycle and someone came and got them. Someone got use out of them and they stopped taking up my precious space in my home.
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