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What can I use to wash the dishes?

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Passover's coming up, and I don't think that my usual favorite (seventh generation dishwashing liquid) is approved for Passover use- I'm not sure what vegetables are used in the "vegetable based" cleaner but I suspect it's made from something not permissable during Passover.

I'm willing to compromise on "naturalness" for one week, but only to a certain point. I can deal with a petroleum-based cleaner, but I canNOT deal with synthetic fragrances or colors. I really don't care if it's liquid, solid, or powder- if it's a bar of soap I'll grate it up and dissolve in water to make a liquid.

Are there any mineral-based cleaners I could use for washing dishes? Any soaps certified kosher for Passover that aren't colored red or blue? I'm going to be handwashing everything, including the plastic "disposable" dishes I bought for Passover, so I don't need to worry about anything to put in the dishwasher.
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How about some Bon Ami? That should work I think and it is pretty natural I think and recommended a lot by green articles etc..
Perhaps grated castille soap would work? There are several online resources for pre-grated castille soap.

You can always use a combination of baking soda and white vinegar with the soap to get it super clean (use baking soda plus grated soap for cleaning, rinse with water, and then rinse again with water and vinegar for spot-free shine).
OK, I did some more online searching and found this.

Cleansers & Detergents: The P'Sak of Rav Schwartz is that all soaps, even those used for dishes, both liquid and powdered, do not need special Passover certification. However, the following brands have been found to be chometz-free.Ajax, Bold, Bon Ami, Clorox, Glass Plus, Cheer, Comet, Dash, Dawn, Dermassage, Dreft, Dynamo, Era, Fab, Gain, Ivory, Joy,Lestoil, Mr. Clean
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