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My son couldn't have dairy until he was 2. My 23 mo dd1 couldn't have dairy or soy until 1, but we were told she was fine (not tested or anything, though) after that, but now we are being told she probably still needs to be off dairy and soy. 10 mo dd2 is dairy and soy allergic as well. I'm pregnant with #4 and am told if I want to breastfeed (have been told I couldn't in the past) that I can't eat dairy or soy. We were given 10 sheets of "donts" but no choices for "do"... We have NO IDEA what we can feed our children! I can't have my kiddos living off of only veggies and chicken, can I??? I'm at a complete loss! What do you guys feed your kiddos?

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There are tons of foods with no dairy/soy. There are recipes in the sticky at the top of the page. My blog (in my signature) also has recipes searchable by allergen. We're dairy/corn/soy/gluten free (among other things) and there's plenty of things left...
Chicken soup
Mini meatball soup (in chicken stock)
english muffins (I was making them once a week until we had to cut gluten too and I haven't figured that one out yet with all our restrictions)
pancakes and waffles
breakfast sausage, Canadian bacon, regular bacon -- just look at all the ingredients (we get ours from a local smokehouse)
pot roast and gravy over potatoes
roast chicken and gravy over rice
all veggies, all fruits
stir fry (just don't use soy sauce; we use broth as a flavoring, sea salt, and black pepper) over rice
enchiladas or tacos (no cheese)
hot dogs and hamburgers
pork roast
pork & saurkraut
pulled pork sandwiches
baked beans
scalloped potatoes
roasted vegetables
spaghetti & meatballs or meatsauce
chicken marsala
chicken mirabella
brownies, cookies, cake, pie
we make coconut milk yogurt (and make it into sweet or savory dips, also if you can do gluten, you can make granola to put on top)
There's So Delicious (and another one, Turtle Mountain? depending where you live) that makes coconut mik ice cream which is really good
cold cereal, hot cereal
LARA bars
with gluten, there's even crackers, bread and cookies available in the regular market
Need more ideas?

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Thanks so much!!!!!!!!! I think that's a good list for starters! My poor kiddos have been eating fruit salad and cucumbers for a few weeks!! They are healthy, but really...who wants to eat fruit and cucumbers all the time!?

Thanks so much!!
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