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Hi -

My DS (one tomorrow!) is having a reaction to corn on the cob (plain - no butter or salt). After eating it, an angry red diaper rash appears. The diaper rash continues whenever he has a BM until the corn is all gone. (Sorry...
We just figured this out since it is corn on the cob season!

I haven't noticed any other reaction. When he was 5 or 6 months we went through 2 months of HE** - huge sleeping issues - fighting naps, fighting sleep frequent night waking. I eliminated all dairy, caffeine from my diet and that didn't seem to help - but when 5 teeth popped out - it got better - so I assumed it was the teeth.

Now I am wondering if maybe the corn allergy was kicking in. But it seems odd to me that there are no other "reactions" except for the diaper rash.

In any case, do you have advice on what DS and I should avoid????

Thanks -

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