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What causes thread to bunch up in bobbin?

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I'm having this problem for way too long tonight. I need to make dh a pair of boxers for daddy Day and I'm just not getting this problem. What's the cause? How do I fix it?
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THat happens a lot when you pull the fabric through instead of letting the teeth feed it.
also giving your machine a good cleaning and oiling can help... have this problem on my grandma's machine. usually when i take it all apart and clean it well, it helps.
So glad to see I am not the only one! I have my greatg-ma's machine so oiling would probably help...
I'd try cleaning it really good. remove the foot plate and clean under there. It could also be a tension problem.
Yes a cleaning would be a big help, also make sure the bobbin isn't over wound, I find if I have too much thread on the bobbin it does this too. I also test sew a bit before putting it through the 'real' material, it usually gets out the kinks!
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Hmm... I thought it was the bobbin monster. roooarrrrr!!!
LOL!!! Thanks everyone for your tips! I oiled but didn't do a full cleaning
: Will do that in the am
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