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What clothing does your babe sleep in?

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Right now, my DS is sleeping those regular sleep-sack things. Should I be concerned about chemicals/fireproofing or whatever? I am so new to this!!

Is there such a thing as an "organic" sleepsack and if so, where do I get one?
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My guys just sleeps in cotton sleepers, or now that the weather's warming up, sometimes just whatever undershirt he's been wearing through the day (if it's long-sleeved). I personally have never worried about fire-retardency, but if that's a concern for you, then I'm pretty sure everything sold commercially has to meet fire safety standards (i think?). Wool is naturally fire-retardant, so if you are looking into a more natural route- maybe look into that, good luck!

Sorry, i misread- you're worried about the chemicals used in fire-retarding things. In that case, go for a wool one, you could probably make one out of second-hand sweaters if you can't find one, but i'm sure there will be one somewehre out there on the www.
My daughter just wears whatever she was wearing in the day, unless it's uncomfortable kind of clothes...

I know organic sleep sacks exist, by the by- I've seen them at the Whole Foods.
My 10 month old gets really warm at night (he kicks off all the blankets so his legs & feet are sticking out, and I wake up cold
) so he's usually just in a onesie. I hate flame proof stuff, when it was colder I bought a bunch of those really snug fitting two piece jammy carries them.
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We change our daughter as part of the "night time rituals" here, so she doesn't wear what she wore during the day. Generally she wears footy pajamas (the cool material kind) or one of the cotton undershirt type onsies. As opposed to during the day when she wears more "clothes" type clothes - nicer thicker materials etc. I don't like the little sleep "bags" because she gets frustrated when she cant squirm more, so I opt for footy pj's instead if weather requires warmth.
Dd is 7 months and hates having anything on her feet so she sleeps in a onesie and leggings. We cosleep and she sweats like a hog so she has to wear something otherwise it's too sticky to sleep with her. When she was tiny I used the sleep sacks, perfect for middle of the night changes.
Until this week, dd was wearing what she wore during the day-- sleepers. But now, she's in t shirts and diapers, and we might skip the t shirt entirely soon... it's getting really warm here.
My wee one just sleeps in a vest/body type thing - he just gets too hot and so now that its heating up slightly we've changed from the all in one pyjamas to body, I think he's much more comfortable not having his feet covered. I had one of those sleeping bag/sack things for dd but we never really used it not sure really if it is one of those essential things or just nice to have things!
We stocked up on lots of comfy over sized sleepers and guess what? She hates them. Hates having her toes covered and being in it. So after her bath we put her in a onsie and a pair of soft bottoms and socks and then when its time for bed we lay her down and take off her socks and she knows it time to sleep. DH forgot to take her socks off one night and she fussed for about 10 minutes and then she whipped them off herself and went right to bed.
I think I remember reading on the tag of one of my DS infant sleepers that all cotton clothes that fit snuggly comply with fire retardant regulations and arent treated.

I think that outfit was from The Childrens Place but not sure.
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We keep our house a little cool at night so she sleeps in footie pajamas. I had been doing two piece sets with socks but she hates socks and as soon as I put them on, they come off.
usually i put her in a long nightie sleeper thing. socks and slippers (because she kicks and scratches me all night and socks fall or without slippers to keep them on..) and a big cloth diaper.. we EC though so we often have to get up in the night to pee her.. or i do anyways
nighties are the best for that. i love footy jammies but they just dont work my EC baby..
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My little man sleep in what ever since its getting warmer. He sleep in teeshirt,sometime diaper only, some time his PJ'S
my little guy sleeps in a variety of things.
sometimes he sleeps in just a onesie, but lately i've been sleeping him in just his diaper. if he's wearing pants (sweats) and a tee shirt during the day, i'll let him sleep in that until the first diaper change, then it's just a tee shirt.
When it was cold outside, she wore thin cotton footie pajamas. Now that it's warming up, she wears just a t-shirt and diaper. We have to search out non-onesie t-shirts (why is this so hard?!) because her onesies don't fit over her big butt sweater!

She sleeps with us under the covers, so I just try to put her in something similar to whatever I'm wearing.
We used sacks for a while when dd was really tiny, but she's not fond of having her feet covered so they really didn't work for us. A PP mentioned that commerical infant/child sleep wear has to meet certain fire safety standards...this is correct. There are non-treated options out there but if you have a sewing machine (or even a needle and thread) you can make a sleep sack very easily (since it's essentially a long rectangle folded over with an opening for the arms and head) out of whatever material you like.

During her first summer she slept on a cotton blanket in her diaper until we finally broke down and got an air conditioner for the bedroom (she made a wonderful excuse...we'd never get an air conditioner for ourselves, but for two months old dd? not a problem!). We used footed onsies during the winter since our house is very cold and dd hated covers of all sorts, but now that the weather is warming up again she wears leggings and a t-shirt to bed. Her feet get a bit chilly sometimes but she just tucks them into my belly (thanks dd!) and that takes care of that!

Oh...I've had a lot of luck in "nont onsie t-shirts" at thrift stores. If it's just for sleeping you can find a lot in the toddler section which will be long on your little one, but not bad for sleeping!
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cold = footie pjs

warm w/ fan = thin long sleve onesie + socks

hot w/ fan = onesie
Only a onesie-it's hot in Fl

She still sweats and air is set around 73 usually.
We are going between fleecy footed sleepers and cotton footed sleepers. It's still mostly chilly in Maine
I did get some two piece cotton jammies from old navy that I like except for the sock thing- they are super cute and seem comfy. Looking forward to warm weather when G can sleep in a onesie- he'll love that!
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My daughter sleeps in a gro-bag over whatever she had on during the day. She usually nurses to sleep sometime late in the evening and I don't like disturbing her too much to change her clothes. Or her diaper - fortunately my little bug doesn't pee or poop at night!
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