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What could be wrong with me?

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I am 23 weeks pregnant with baby number two. For the last few days I have had this terrible pain in my low tummy (right above where my pubic hair is, but still under my belly). It's like a dull ache, but it can get so bad that I can't walk or even stand up straight sometimes. I also get a huge pressue feeling in my vagina, that comes and goes. I'm being treated for BV right now, could it have spread and this is something dangerous because of that? I also have a super low laying placenta, so is that likely it? Any ideas? Thanks
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I have no idea, but could it possibly be Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD)??
That's what I was thinking, too.
Yeah, yeah! That sounds just like me. I'm ok when I've been sitting. But if I try and get up too fast or if I move to quickly in any way, it hurts so bad. Never had heard of that before, thanks for the link. I always assumed (yes I know that it's dumb) that because I'm a healhty weight, that those sorts of issues wouldn't affect me.
So here I am with terrible sciatic pain and now maybe SPD. What a way to teach me a lesson! Thanks again
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Another vote for SPD. Had it VERY BAD this pregnancy. it sucks and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
EDIT: I'd never seen that link before, that's a really good one. My SPD was really bad, the separation was noticablyhuge, even mymidwife was impressed. I probably has DSP and three months out post-partum, I still have pain.

Namaste, Tara
i had a lot of pubic symphysis pain with my first pregnancy, although it didn't start until around week 30 or so. this pregnancy, it started around week 14 and i've been seeing a chiropractor regularly to help with it. it's much better for the few days after i see her and then always gets noticeable and more uncomfortable the few days before i see her again. some days, putting on my socks is a chore. i'll be glad for summer and no socks.

I never had the above disorder- or any experience with it. Have you thought of round ligament pain? In can defer to the area in which you are feeling it, and is common with getting up too fast or moving too much.
call your care provider it could be SPD or it could be UTI... or ?
Another thought is that mothers with babies in a transverse lie often describe the pressure sensations that you're describing.
Chiropractic care saved me, in a very real sense, when I had SPD. That pain makes labor feel GREAT in comparison!
My first guess would be a UTI, I'd definately want to rule that out.
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