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What could this be?

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My 10 month old ds is getting his 7th and 8th teeth on the bottom (the second set on the bottom, can't remember what they're called) and I just noticed today that there is a whitish/yellowish spot on one of them, about as big around as a pencil lead. Could he have a cavity before the tooth has even finished coming in?
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Not likely, not there. Do a "demineralization" search in the dental archives, and see if it applies.

It may be something in the tooth's development. Maybe a search in the archives (again LOL) will get to somehting you can recognize?

I would keep checking it, and if it changes, you'll be at the dentist in no time.
But you might as well know that decay often shows up first at the back of the top teeth, so you may want to check there with a flashlight just to make sure you don't miss something

good luck!
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