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What diaper cream is "safe" for CD's?

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I know that Desitin is a no-no for cloth dipes, so what should I use IF my newest dd looks rashy? (My 1st dd rarely had a rash, and if so, desitin/sposie or just a bath cleared her up.)

Can you tell I'm nesting? I keep thinking of little things that just HAVE to be done/decided on before she arrives.
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I love Burt's Bees diaper cream. I think most creams will leave small marks on your fleece if left too long without washing. But the BB cream doesn't have the fish oil that Desitin does.
I personally use the miracle salve from
Not only is it great for diaper rash, but we use it for all cuts and scrapes around here too!
I know that Desitin is a no-no for cloth dipes
I didn't know that - I'm sure I used it with dd.

For ds I have used Penaten (on my midwife's recommendation), but it hasn't really worked too well. I am actually surprised he has one at all since we are doing EC with diaper back-up & change him immediately when he's wet
Anyway, he had a pretty bad one a few days ago & I've been putting calendula cream on at almost every change. It is much better, but still not gone. I'm thinking bathing him more often might help, but it seems to be such a hassle for some reason.


edited to add: I forgot to mention the hair dryer (which he loves
) & keeping his diaper off as much as possible.
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We don't have to use it often but when we do we use Dr. Smith's and it never has caused a problem with the dipes.
You can still use Destin on the rash, just put a baby wash cloth on the dipe, so that the Desitin gets on it instead of the dipe.
I've said it once, I've said it a million times - I love earth friendly baby red clover rash care cream - it smells great, works well on rashes (that aren't something fierce like yeast) and washes right off of the diapers. I've yet to find another cream that can do all that. Right now actually I'm trying to get diaper cream residue off of a Fuzbaby doubler
: Time to order more EFB I guess

eta- I've been getting mine at the sos instock store.
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I found out too late that A&D also has cod liver oil in it- oops! I love the stuff though, so sometimes I'll use it with a disposable liner in the cd.
The diaper ointments/creams that work fine with cd's that I've tried are plain ole Vaseline, Aveeno, and Johnson's no more rash (I think that's what it's called?).
Elise 2/16/03 napping in a ubcpf & bummis siww
We don't have many rashes but we have used Burts Bees, Lansinoh lanolin, and unpetroleum jelly. None of them stained the diapers.
My mom used cloth for all three of her kids and looooooooved A&D. Of course, she used a wet pail and I'm pretty sure she used bleach.

I had a sample of burt's bees and loved it. I have some Desitin and if I use that, I do the washcloth between bum and diaper thing.
I love Rash-Be-Gone from Mama's Favorites.
It has cleared up every rash the babe has ever had, and smells great while doing it! :LOL
Kristi is also a wonderful WAHM to deal with!

Here's a link:
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Hmmm right now I use, in order of preference: Common Sense diaper cream (bought at Sugarpeas), Aquaphor and Burt's Bees.
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