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What diaper Ointments are ok for cloth and act as a BARRIER? Please help!

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Dd has a bad rash, we are still recovering from figuring out what she was allergic to in cloth.... I put some prefolds trifolded in a cover on her and she's broken out again from the suedecloth touching her skin around the prefold.
I am looking for a barrier cream to protect her skin from wetness etc. since we can't use wicking fabrics and she seems so sensitive to even just urine. I'm trying to change RIGHT after she pees but it's hard to catch.
I need something Safe for cloth diapers. Opinions?
I've been using weleda calendula ointment and it's not doing it.. so I'm thinking something that covers/coats her skin to protect it.
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Burts Bees - you can get it from
I second the Burt's Bees. I've never had a problem with it staining or building up on my diapers. I'll use it with prefolds and go coverless or use wool when DD has a rash and it clears up right away. We put it on at night before bed too to prevent rashes.
Desitin Creamy (not the regular Desitin) it works very well for us, too.
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Another vote for Burts Bees here too.
I use Balmex, Aveeno or the J&J stuff. Anything without fish oil shouldn't harm your diapers.

We've never had any staining or other issues using the ones I listed.
I had one of those babies too - super sensitive skin. burt's bees is great, but i have noticed that zinc oxide really stays on my fuzzi bunz. i found two great products. one is called Rash Eze, made by Kindhearted Women, and dist. by dina at - my fav diapering site. also, there is this other product that i find occasionally at walmart, and when i do, i buy out their stock. it's called rash mist. it's amazing. it's oatmeal and aloe enriched, and it has dimethicone in it. it's in a 2.5oz pump spray bottle. it's by pediatrician's formula, dist. by Petkin Inc. i like to use Lansinoh nipple cream on my CD baby's bum when it's rashy, but it does seem to build up on my fb's, but it doesn't seem to affect my cpf's; that said, it's a GREAT barrier and healer. also, a lot of lukewarm baths help to ease the irriation. when it gets really raw, you can resort to a thin smear of an antibiotic ointment (my poor son would get so raw, he'd bleed, no matter what we did - if i only had known of cloth then...
). also, there is a great product from the Bach Flower folks, Rescue Remedy cream - really great for healing. Hope this helps! Best of luck!
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Burt's Bees is definately thicker and stays on longer than Weleda. For a bad rash, I would put fresh aloe on it, straight from the plant. It should clear it up in no time at all. When my son had a REALLY bad rash, I put the aloe on him, let it dry, and then but the Burt's Bees over it and it worked like a charm.
I love the Rash Magic at It's very thick, very soothing, and does great things for my dd's incredibly sensitive skin.
Hyland's has a rash cream that works well. It has a lanolin and petroleum base so it's safe for cloth. Burt's Bees and Desitin Creamy have both stained my dipes.
You could try just plain lanolin too.
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