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What diapers do you like and where do you buy them?

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I'm making a "wish list" for my mom and sister, and I want to get some diapers and covers as mine are looking ratty after going through 2 boys!

I like snap fitteds and either snap or pull-on breathable covers (like motherease PUL or bummis snap whisper wraps). I don't like velcro at all, and I don't like AIOs. I don't mind pinning prefolds, nor does my husband, but we do enjoy the ease of snap fitteds.

It's been six or seven years since I bought any diapers (I didn't buy any for Jaden, just used what we already had) - help! Where do you buy your diapers? And what kind/brand are out there that fit my criteria?


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i use kissaluvs with dappie/bummis pull on getting ready to use them for baby #3 & they've held up wonderfully. (well....the diapers, at least. i've gone through numerous covers trying to find the right fit for the right size, etc. i agree with you about not liking velcro - it always seemed to wic moisture).
i love my motherease one size with motherease covers. i buy mine used from the trading post - i usually pay around $5/piece for the diapers. they were a little too big for ds as a newborn, but he grew into them around 2 mos. and he is 20 mos. (26 pounds) now and still wearing them with room for growth yet. we have some other brands too, but that is the bulk of our supply. we also use fuzzibunz for nighttime use - also bought used from the trading post.
I use fuzzi bunz and prefolds with the bummis super snap. If I had to do it again I definetly would do both (except make sure I got the petite fuzzi bunz)

You like the snaps and prefolds. I would go with the bummis and buy some nice hemp prefolds.
Annie Marie Padorie pockets and AI2s! The fit on both is unequalled and they come in two sizes so they don't cost you a fortune. Great Canadian WAHM.

With my son I used a kind of strange collection of cheap fitteds and covers and some pockets. With my daughter I bought a more "pretty" stash and used some wool and whatnot, opted for velour when possible, organic and the like. Both times I shopped from many different WAHMs for the diapers.

This time I'm more about "simple". I have about 20 diapers and they are mostly Fuzzi Bunz, and then a bumgenius 2.0 pocket and two FCB aios that I bought on a whim. I purchased them ALL off the TP here or at diaperswappers. I want to keep it simple this time, but I'm not a huge fan of prefolds. I would totally get more bumgenius 2.0 but people aren't really selling those used yet and as soon as I see any for sale they are snatched up quick!
OK so I haven't actually used them yet and can't vouch for them in that way, but most of the prefold covers I bought were from the "bigger" brand name ones like Bummis (SWW & Fleece) and Bumkins. I also got one Stacinator fleece cover for a try. But the ones I like the best (though like I said, I haven't tried them yet) are the ones I got from -- she lets you basically customize them, picking either velcro or snaps (and adding extra snaps), and what kind of lining you want on the inside (fleece, PUL, etc.). I also got 1 "set" that had a custom print on the outside--Skull & Crossbones--with a matching T-Shirt. So cute! I will be posting pics of all this soon. The best part was, they didn't cost any more than the Bummis or the Bumkins. Provided they work well I will definitely be ordering more of them.

I got Thirsties prefolds from Momma Commune Boutique at what seemed to be a pretty good price. From there I also ordered a "Pocket Diaper Sampler" that included 1 Fuzzi Bunz, 1 Bumwear, 1 Happy Heiny's and 1 Drybees, so we'll see which of those works out best. She sent it all in a really cute box, too, which was nice because my recycling was getting pretty full of cardboard boxes from all the other places I ordered from.
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We use a combination of AIOs (mostly for when we're going out, because I like showing off the cute designs), prefolds/wraps, and Fuzzi Bunz.

The wrap covers we use are Imse Vimse Bumpys, and I will tell you that I have tried just about every wrap cover on the market -- Bumkins, Bummi SWWs, Pro-raps, Litewraps, etc., and the Imse Vimses are my all-time favorite. The Velcro seems a little softer than other brands, and I like the big wide Velcro band in front. They are also very soft and breathable, as opposed to the vinyl/plastic feel of some other covers. So that's my recommendation.
Also, you don't have to use pins with wrap covers. Just lay the prefold in the cover and Velcro it on, and it will stay in place. I know some people like to use pins or Snappis for extra security, but I never felt the need to.

I don't remember anymore where I got my Imse Vimses from! Although these days I try to do most of my diaper purchasing either on the TP here at MDC, or at diaperswappers.
I did buy some of my supplies from Green Mountain Diapers, back with my first baby.
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I don't like AIO's either. I'm planning to use the short prefolds from in a bummis wrap. You could always use the bummis snap wrap if you prefer. I love that website. If you look through the pages you'll see there's links to see lots of pictures about using the different diapers and how they look on a baby.

I'll also be using fitteds from I used these with dd2 and I adore them. They dry so fast, and with fewer layers sewn together they get really clean and they dry quickly (a necessity for me). I also love the wool covers from that site. Lori (the owner) is very nice and helpful if you ever want to give her a call. Also on that site is a ton of great resources about diaper fabrics and how-to's. I love that site.

I have cloth diapered for over 3 years and I swear I have tried every type of diaper out there. I avoid synthetics as much as possible...they have their place, I need AIO's for daycare so I do own them. I have never had issues (build-up/rashes/stinky diapers) with all cotton diapers. They also last longer in my experience. Good luck finding a system you'll enjoy using
I love diaper shopping!
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