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What did you/are you eating today?

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Thought I'd start another food thread. I have started feeling hungry almost constantly.So I've been eating smaller meals and snacks spread throughout the day.

For breakfast, I had 2 scrambled eggs and a whole wheat chocolate chip pancake with butter.

Later I snacked on watermelon.

Right now DS and I are snacking together, on bagels and cream cheese, carrots, cucumber and cherries.

Late lunch is in the oven: baked chicken, and I think some turnip greens on the side. I've never cooked turnip greens before, I need to look up a recipe so I can have it ready with the chicken.

Tonite, either spaghettie with quinoa noodles, or stuffed peppers. I haven't decided yet, they both sound really yummy.

And I have sausage I spiced myself chilling in the fridge, and flour soaking in buttermilk for biscuits....tomorrow morning we are having sausage gravy and biscuits for breakfast!
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Today so far I've had:
*a bagel with cream cheese and tomatoes
*chai tea (yum)
*mint n chip ice cream (bad, bad)

For lunch I am probably going to make veggie burgers and for dinner I'm going to make stuffed mushrooms and quinoa.

Suger makes me feel icky and hungery, and although I know that I keep eating it!

edd 10/29/05
cottage cheese
yogurt w/ cold cereal [wheat flakes with almonds and cranberries!]
hot dog
chicken and shrimp milanese(sp?) over angel hair pasta
I had one and a half homemade blueberry muffins for breakfast...they're mostly wheat flour, organic 2% milk, organic blueberries and veg-fed hen I try not to worry too much about the sugar and butter, which isn't much anyway.

Leftover arroz con pollo (chicken and yellow rice) for a snack...

A mushroom and tuna melt on wheat with sliced tomato, for lunch...

And then I've snacked on some cheddar with apple slices and (oops) a couple of bites of dh's Cookie Crisp cereal, since then.

I'm actually really hungry right now and trying to figure out what I should eat..
let's see...for breakfast I had a triple chocolate muffin except my dd confiscated it and ate it and had a chocolate buzz for about 2 hours.
I only got 2 bites.

Then for lunch...greek pasta salad I made 2 days ago...yummy!

dinner I had spinach ravioli with sauch and havarti cheese

snacks...some cookies...too many cookies

I also drank gallons of water today and had coffee this morning(with the chocolate muffin) from the coffee shop

Not the greatest day...high in carbs!
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