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What specifically did you do to prepare for your child's UC?

I've read through a lot of resource lists, etc, but I'm curious what specifics you have done as you prepared/are preparing for your childs birth.

Edited to add-when did you start preparing?

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I was sure to be prepared well in advance since my first child came at 37 weeks and I was totally unprepared

Here's what I aquired for my UC.

for birth:
extra shower curtain to lay on living room floor
chuck pads to make an attempt to contain mess

pads for postpartum bleeding
tasty food and drink
cord clamps (not necessary but I liked them)

for after:
footprint cards
baby clothes
nursing pads for those leaky days
nursing bras

can't think of anything else.

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I am done preparing (I *think*) and I got it in order at 36w b/c I was having some very serious-feeling labor stuff going on.

Birth pool (pump to get water out, hose)
Towels (b/c of birth pool) for baby/me/etc.
Heating pad to warm up towels/blankets
Chux pads
Box of gloves (my DH is SO squeemish about poop, and you never know)
Big bottle of peroxide (in case the mess isn't contained, it's amazing getting blood out of ANYthing)
Metal bowl for placenta
Birth plan in case of a transfer (since I've had one of those and not having a birth plan was not helpful)
Pooper scooper (a small strainer w/handle) for pool should we need it
Bulb syringe (doubt I'd even use it if I needed it, hate those, I'd use my mouth)
Aloe gel for doppler we're renting for a few weeks
Shower curtain for bed just in case
Thermometer in case I need to check baby (I hate looking for this teeny thing)
Diapers/clothes for baby
Floss for cord
Bottled water and snacks (again, so no one has to travel to find anything b/c I'm sure I'd end up having to explain exactly *what* cupboard it was in to DH and I don't want to do that in labor
Herbs/homeopathics and instructions for their use
Sanitary pads
Sitz bath stuff a friend gave me in case I tear (so I don't need stitches) and the stuff to make the perineum "burritos"
Garbage sacks (for laundry and then also for trash)
Flashlight with new batteries (in case DH wants to see through the water)
Camera and video camera
Nursing bras/pads
Castor oil for perineum (before or after)

I know that looks like a lot... some of it is from my experience with my homebirths, some of it b/c of my experience as a MW assistant... but I'd rather *have it* than wish I did.

Call it overkill... or obsessed.


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I would highly suggest some cloth pads for PP time. They are WONDERFUL!

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This is what I plan to have on hand this time:

clear tarp or shower curtain
old towels
large blanket
embroidery floss (colors picked out by the kids) to tie cord
cloth pp pads
comfy underwear
baby blanket
cloth dipe
music maybe
food in the fridge!

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I am sure I will stand out, but I don't really DO anything to prepair. As everyone keeps telling me...I am an old pro at this now.

I just pull out the baby clothes, make sure I have the baby essentials (diapers, wipes, blankets), I make sure I have feminane supplies and old towels, and I am done!

As for durring pgcy, I drink RRLT daily and take EPO beginning at week 28. But other than that, I do nothing special.

When my time gets close (maybe around 34 weeks) I choose a "nesting" area. I usually like the tub, because I like a hot shower durring labor, and I can just squat in the tub and deliver my baby, then get myself cleaned up without ever having a mess to clean.
I just keep the extra towels available for under me when I deliver for padding.

So, I am weird! I know it.

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Lets see..... I didn't really want to "do" much either....but there are some things that I did that really helped...and about a year in afterthought, there are other things I would have liked to have done.


old towels
shower curtains (we had time it will just be on the bed since we just have tiles now)
cloth pads
epsom salts, herbs
cloth and bowl for placenta (we wanted a lotus birth last time but it didnt happen...we'll do it for the next one hopefully)
music, candles, birth ball
food and drink

THings I did or would like to have done:

make a list of things for dp to remind me about (eat, drink, pee, change positions, positive phrases & encouraging things)
made a list of my fears, talked to dp about them
made a list of positive affirmations and belief statements (start saying them every day during pg)
froze PLENTY PLENTY PLENTY of meals ahead of time (as much as will fit in our freezer, then store some in g-ma's freezer
arrange help for afterwards ahead of time (cleaning, errands etc)

um...I know theres more but i'm having a brain fart and ds is bonking my head with a water bottle

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I'm with Kidzaplenty. We have wood floors upstairs so I plan to just roll up the rugs and walk wherever I want. I have a chair or two that I can sit on and not worry about my water breaking if I want to sit, but they're where they belong right now and I don't intend to move them until I need them. I have a stack of old towels at the bottom of my linen closet that I intend to use, but they will stay where they belong until I need them.

My labor plan is to walk around the house until I want water relief (shower/tub) and then to move into the bathroom at that point. Either the baby will be born there, or DH will be home and decide we need to go to the hospital. If I am home alone, I will be sure to have the cell phone on the windowsill right next to the shower/tub - I will use it either to call for help or to see what time the babe is born. I plan to brush up on APGAR scores when the time gets close so I have them to report if I need them.

My postpartum pads and underwear are in the drawer with my regular underwear. My bathrobe is in the closet where I keep it and get it when I need to use it now. The child's clothing and diapers are in the chest in the bedroom where they'll be kept anyway.

I've thought through what I'll use to cut the cord and what I'll put the placenta into, but those items will also stay where they belong until I need them. I have hydrogen peroxide if I need it to wash clothes, and dh can buy more if I need it (I don't want a bunch on hand if I don't end up using it). I'll have labor snacks on hand and a water glass, but again, they'll be where they belong.

So for me I guess it's more mental preparation than physically gathering supplies.

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Originally Posted by arlecchina
oh I'm bad. all I do is read and my partner and I talk lots. we're getting a kiddie fishie pool I think and shower curtain liners, I dont need anything else

This is pretty much me, although I want one of those pumps to get the water out this time. Last time, Dave dumped half of it all over my kitchen floor

I plan to have some Hemhalt on hand, and maybe some cord clamps (I think that would make DH feel better). Food and drink and some of those mesh undies (I don't have enough reg ones to have any to sacrifice!

I fully expect labor to be fast and furious again this time, and I tend to get swept away and go completely introverted. Music, talking, massage....all of that just distracts me. I spent a lot of time with the first three babies thinking about all that. This time I know I won't need it!
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