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What did you do with your belly cast?

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I really want to do a belly cast, and I think I better get on it because I'm getting so big. This is my last pg and we didn't take as many photos this time and I want to remember what my body looked like when it was at it's most amazing! Here's the thing: what to do with it? We have a just-right sized house, nothing extra. It's not the kind of thing I think dh would like to have hanging on the wall. They're fragile, yes? I hate to make it just to store it away, and have to be really ginger with it, too.

What did you all, who made them, do with them afterward?
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We just did mine not this weekend, but last weekend. It turned out gorgeous! My MIL did it (she was in town for the week, otherwise we would have done it later). She's a sculpture and is thinking about doing belly casts as a business. So, she has lots of experience making body casts! I think a lot of amatuer belly casts are more fragile b/c the person making it didn't know how much thickness to use in various areas -- the sides and top/ bottom need to be reinforced with extra plaster.

We plastered a dowel on the back of the cast (between the shoulder blades) and hung it up with wire. It's on our living room wall right now. I haven't decided whether I'm going to decorate it or not, but eventually, I'll shelac or varnish it to help "seal" the plaster (this also makes it less fragile).

Here's some pictures (one of it on the wall, the other is my MIL drying the plaster on my body):
As you can see, it's a different style than most belly casts, since we did the tops of my thighs as well as my torso.
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We just had my Baby Shower and I had the belly cast out so that people could sign it, decorate it and write something to the baby. It turned out very nice. We really don't have room for it to be on display anywhere so I guess it will be in the storage room until I take it out to show our baby when it is older. Since we did my boobs too, we could always turn it over and use it to serve chips, dip and salsa
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I can't wait to hear more! I am waiting for mine to come. This site has a lot of ideas. I can't decide what to do. I think I will hand mine on my bedroom wall. I know I want DS's hand prints on there somewhere.
I think belly casts are so cool, and would love to do one. But here's the thing - my dh and 17 year old nephew (who lives w/us), as well as our extended family, think I am pretty much a "hippy" already. I think seeing a belly cast of mine might really send them over the edge, especially my nephew.
: Maybe I'll do it just to taunt them...
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I'm planning on doing it a couple days before the c/s and then taking pics of the babes in it and then again at 1 year to show how much they've grown. Between then I have no clue what to do with it--dh thinks it is kind of creepy to hand in their room. Someone recommended decoupaging it with u/s and birth pictures.
Mine is in a closet. I painted it with a faux bronze kit I got at the craft store (to make it look kind of like a bronze statue) and I INTENDED to put DD's footprints on the tummy area after she was born, but she was apparently not on board with that plan (became hysterical when her tootsies touched the paint and kept squirming). I took photos of the casting process, which I did with my Mom, and pictures of the decorated cast (all of which are in DD's baby album). I have no idea what I'll do with the cast, or if I'll do another with this pregnancy.
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