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What did your toddler eat today?

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I'm in need of ideas for my toddler. What is a typical day's "menu" for yours??

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DS is an eating machine! He's 16 months old (well, he will be tomorrow). Yesterday he ate:

Breakfast- 1 whole wheat pancake (I make them on the weekends and reheat) and about 15 grapes (quartered)

Snack- "Baby trail mix". I mix together oyster crackers, "o" cereal, rice checks, etc. He has a pile on the coffee table and snacks as desired

Lunch- peanut butter on whole grain bread, green beans, pineapple, and some cheddar cheese. He loves cheese!

Snack- more baby trail mix and some of DH's granola bar.

Dinner- spaghetti with tomato sauce, chicken (grilled on the George Forman grill), lima beans, cherries (frozen ones that I thawed and quartered), and some of my garlic bread

Snack- graham cracker (it was a special treat)

That's a pretty normal day for DS. I can't believe he eats all of that every day and is just now at 20 pounds.
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My dd is 16 months old. Here's what she ate yesterday:

Breakfast - scrambled eggs (maybe 1 egg?), potatoes
Mid-morning snack - blueberries (LOTS!)
Mid-morning snack 2 - berry water (her word for our fruit shakes - pineapples, mangoes, strawberries, blueberries, and yogurt blended together)
Lunch - a few bites of leftover meatloaf, 1/2 piece of homemade bread, broccoli
Mid-afternoon snack - pear, mangoes, cheerios
Dinner - 1/4 of a hamburger, a few bites of an artichoke salad, carrots

I don't think she ate anything after dinner, but she usually does. She also still nurses a ton. She just started eating LOTS within the last month.
Jay's mom - our kids sound a lot alike!! Meg is not yet 20 pounds, yet eats like a horse!!!

For the OP - We also snack on cheese, noodles (whole wheat), fresh and frozen fruit, homemade bread, and any other leftovers we have (Meg loves fish!!)
Wow, I must be starving my little bean. She's 13 mos. and today she had some eggs with cheese for breakfast, some melon and a bit if chicken sausages for lunch. She'll probably snack on dried apples, and will likely have some fruit and veggies nd maybe a bit of yogurt for dinner.

We're not introducing grains, nuts, and some other things just yet.

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Wow, I must be starving my little bean. She's 13 mos. and today she had some eggs with cheese for breakfast, some melon and a bit if chicken sausages for lunch. She'll probably snack on dried apples, and will likely have some fruit and veggies nd maybe a bit of yogurt for dinner.

We're not introducing grains, nuts, and some other things just yet.
Every little one is different. I have a friend with a DD who is almost 15 months and she eats in a day what my DS eats in a meal. It's no big deal.
She's 6 weeks younger and weighs the same a my big eater. Kids are just funny that way.
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DD was 2 in April.
Woke up, nursed, Then nursed on the other side.
Breakfast was oatmeal and cantelope
Second breakfast was a ton of blueberries and raspberries
Pre-lunch snack: a banana, a yogurt
Second pre-lunch snack: nursing again
Third pre-lunch snack: raisins and cheese
Lunch: soup, grapes
Nursed before nap
Nursed after nap
Had some ice-cream after her nap (hey, it was the all-natural, local organic kind!!

She grazes a lot, mostly on fruit, but nurses 4 - zillion times a day.

She's 95% for height and 50% for weight. I may have to start her "diet"

Edited to add she'll probably have some similar snacks - strawberries, etc and more nursing until dinner

At dinner time I'll serve her what we're eating (chicken, leek and mushroom fricasse on brown rice, and roasted asprargus) and probably some watermelon too. She'll eat the watermelon off her plate, and then go sit on DH's lap and eat his food - 'cause you know, it's way better if it's someone else's!!
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DD is 20 months and ate the following today

Breakfast: half a gala apple, small bits
Snack 1: organic puffed corn
Snack 2: organic raspberries and blueberries
Snack 3: avocado slice

Lunch: brown rice pasta with EVOO
snack 3: organic banana
snack 4: pitted organic cherries
snack 5:rest of the avocado

Dinner: organic black beans and wild rice
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Dd turned 2 in Feb, yesterday she ate:

Breakfast- 2 whole grain Kashi waffles with butter and jam

Snack- A green smoothie (Kale, banana, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, green magma, and water)

Another snack- organic cheese flavored crackers

Lunch- Leftover spaghetti, a peach, and some pineapple

Snack- organic crackers, watermelon

Another snack- yogurt

Dinner- Brown rice with chicken and vegetable and a green thai curry sauce

She drinks lots of water all day long too. She is 30lbs and has been for almost 6 months now, but she has grown 2 inches since Feb. At her 2 year checkup she was in the 95th percentile for height, and I think the
65th for weight. She eats a ton, but is also SUPER active.
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half a banana, kashi o cereal

homemade chicken noodle soup, more carrots and celery than noodles

applesauce, turkey sausage, tomatoes, and black beans

salmon, brocolli, and brown rice
cod liver oil and butter oil

2 licks of ice cream

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I'm in need of ideas for my toddler. What is a typical day's "menu" for yours??

Oh Lord. Siobhan eats like a COW!!! LOL She's thirteen months old.
Here is her typical menu:

Breakfast: nurse for about 30 min.peaches diced up,a mini pancake cut into bite sized pieces.

Snack:nurse,Dried Cherries,Dried Apples,Dried Apricots sort of a trail mix I guess...

Lunch:Nurse,baby whole wheat crackers with cheddar cubes,bite sized chicken with whole wheat bowties.

another snack(
):nurse!!! and a piece of whole wheat breadwith some home made cashew butter

Dinner:Nurse for about 35 min. apple juice in bottle,whole wheat tortillas,cooked hamburger meat,some shredded cheddar cheese and ranch dressing to dip
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14.5 months.

Breakfast: Cup of organic milk, a colby cheese stick, some freeze dried strawberries and blueberries.

Lunch: Well, I normally pack for her: A Healthy Choice meal (well, it is either that or the babysitter feeds her Wonder white bread lunch meat sandwiches) . She really likes the mac and cheese one with carrots and broccoli and the roast chicken, peas, carrots, and potatoes one. I like them because they are fast, easy, lots of veggies without the hassle.

Snacks: I normally pack for snacks: Organic whole milk, Whole Grain Fig/Strawberry Newtons, mandarin oranges/pineapple/tropical fruit, a colby cheese stick, Nurtigrain blueberry waffle or Berry Burst Cherrioes. Some days she will eat all of that and then some, others maybe half.

Dinner: I am thinking scrambled organic/free range eggs with sliced bell peppers, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, onions, and a little bit of garlic. She LOVES this. Maybe a few little bits of something for a dessert snack. As much organic whole milk as she wants she gets. She will also get organic veggie pizza often. Last night she had some grilled chicken w/roasted peppers and onions with a few french fries.
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I hardly think of my daughter as a toddler. Even though she's 13 months, she doesn't walk or have any teeth yet! And she hasn't been eating solids that long. So today's food:

nurse after waking up
applesauce for breakfast
nurse before nap
noodles for lunch (followed by ice chips--she LOVES sucking on ice!)
nurse again
bottle of bm while I'm at work
probably some Oatios or banana while at the babysitter
nurse when I get home
steamed carrots for dinner (and ice, of course!)
LONG nursing session before bed
and she'll nurse several times through the night

Obviously, breastmilk is still her primary food source!
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Here's what my 2.5yo ate today:

Breakfast: 2 pancakes w/ apple butter, 1 scrambled egg, diced pears, milk

Lunch: 1/2 tuna sandwich, cucumbers, grapes, crackers

Snack: Smoothie (yogurt, OJ, strawberries, banana)

Dinner: Homemade cheese pizza, orange segments

If he wants a snack later I'll give him graham crackers and milk.
here's what my 17 month yo ate:

breakfast: oatbran with rice milk and fresh raspberries

snack:homemade cornbread with almond butter

lunch:cheese quesedilla with black beans, tomato, and avocado

snack: toast with earth balance, plus some annies bunnies

dinner: sesame noodles and steamed veggies

she also nurses a ton and drinks water throughout the day, but her portions aren't always huge. for example, she didn't eat a lot at lunch, but did at dinner.

i think this is a good thread though and perhaps people can throw in some good, easy toddler recipes. i always find that it's hard to find healthy snacks that are low in sugar. it's really hard to find a good balance of feeding your babe because you don't want to overdue dairy or soy or sugar, etc.

some things that i have been into though are almond butter on toast or waffles and i also bake a lot. any suggestions?
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Breakfast was oatmeal with mashed up banana in it along with a handful of blueberries and some orange segments AND some special granny bread (dairy free/egg free zucchini bread).

Brunch was a whole wheat pumpkin muffin and peach soy yogurt and some strawberries.

Lunch was pasta with Earth Balance soy margarine with broccoli, some black olives, grapes, and some whole grain bread.

Dinner was Chipotle black beans and rice with mild tomato salsa and guacamole.
OMG-mine eats nothing compared to everyone elses!

Breakfast was a banana (early) and oatmeal w/ flax, fresh raspberries & banana (later)
Snack during our long dr appt wait was a container of fresh raspberries

Dinner was 1/4 turkey, ham & cheese sub w/ pickle, tomato, mayo & mustard

DS has never been a big eater, but when he ripped the sandwich we were sharing from my hands, I was pretty excited!
Breakfast: oatmeal with blackberries and raspberries
a few bites of my eggs
Snack: dried papaya and veggie booty
Lunch: green beans, sauted polenta with some cheese on top
some homemade crab bisque
a cookie
snack: O's cereal, more papaya
Dinner: more green beans, corn on the cob
au gratin potatoes

Originally Posted by ap mom View Post
I'm in need of ideas for my toddler. What is a typical day's "menu" for yours??

Well, today was far from typical as I had to leave the house to meet movers (dropping off a houseful of furniture and stuff at a storage space) before my girl even was up in the morning, and then had to take my mom to an appointment in town after that was over, but....

her daddy said he gave her
Cheerios for breakfast with whole milk
toast & chamomile tea

strawberries & grapes (pleasantly surprised to finally find organic grapes in the store, after a looooong time with no grapes to be had for us!)

leftover chili (with ground beef, kidney beans, and pinto beans)
Half an almond butter/apple butter sandwich on whole wheat bread

Second lunch (stopped at diner after Grandma's appointment)
whole wheat pancake with blueberries & raspberries
(they brought a little dish of pats of butter and she kept asking me to open them so she could spread & eat them) She used to eat her pancakes plain, but these days she likes butter (and sometimes apple butter at home); we still haven't ventured into the syrup experience.

Kashi TLC crackers (the 7 grain variety, not the cheese or other flavored ones) with some sliced sharp cheddar cheese

Dinner: would have been a bowl of ingredients from the soup I made, plus a (kid-sized) mug full of the broth, but she was exhausted and started melting down, so she nursed to sleep in her clothes and everything before dinner and still is sleeping eight hours later.

I normally would have carried a sippy of water, a bowl of Annie's cheddar bunnies, and maybe a container of organic applesauce with us when we hit the road, but I left without any "supplies." I did have some 8 oz bottles of water in the car, and she had one in her carseat (open bottle with no spills!) and took it into the diner for her drink. She also got to put in the quarters and choose 12 songs on the juke box at the diner (they have individual juke boxes on the table.) That was a big part of the experience for her!
Also, I had a slice of chocolate cream pie and gave her a small mound of the fresh whipped cream from it, plus a bit of crust since she keeps telling me that her favorite part of pie is "the crust."
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