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What dipes do you keep in the diaper bag?

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I always leave mine packed and ready to go, short of sippy cups, since if we ever had a fire and had to get out quick I'd probably perish standing in front of the shelves wondering which dipes would match their jammies
: but I can't decide which ones to put in. Cute AIOs so people seeing us change them will be interested in cloth dipes. A wool shell and a couple inserts? No, I want to use those more often then that. Some old prefolds, pins and cheapy covers since I rarely end up changing on the go anyways?

So which diapers are in your bag?
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All in ones. Two of them and when they get used I replace them with two more.
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I just use ubpf so I keep:
an extra snappi
big ziplock bag
1-2 pf
xtra cover

If I'm going somewhere that I want to show off a cd, I put the CB in. LOL They are the only "fancy" cds I own.

If we're going to be out for a long time and I don't want to mess w/ changing cd's...I put her in a 'sposie and put xtras of those in instead.
I keep

2-3 cpfs
an extra cover
extra pins/snappi
cloth wipes in a huggies travel case.
Several Happy Heiny's (depending on length of trip out - but there is always at least one in there)
1 wet bag from Little Lily
1 little cloth bag that some WAHM sent me as a freebie - I fill this with all my random WAHM cloth wipes (like 8 or 10?) I keep all my same sized Darling Diaper wipes at home!
1 spray bottle filled with wipe spray Punkin Butt Recipe
Oh, and a little ziplock in case there is nowhere to flush poop

Not to mention everything else but the kitchen sink!

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Since I just got a new diaper bag and like it I've decided to actually use it. Before I would just grab a dipe and extra cover and leave it in the car with some wipes and a bag. We're not usually out for too long and slinging doesn't lend itself to carrying a big diaper bag. But I decided to keep a fully equipped diaper bag in the car so I'm not always schlepping 10 things under my arm plus ds. Among all the extras (wipes, creams, bags etc) I keep one ubcpf and extra snappi, one fitted (kissaluv or snuggleup) an extra cover and one 7th gen just in case. I always hope another mom will see me changing ds in cloth so I can extoll the virtues of cding but so far nada.

Except today I was brave and took Ds out in a wool cover so I packed an extra Firefly instead of an AIO.
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I usually just carry FBs in my diaper bag. Carrying diapers and supplies for 2 can turn into a LOT of stuff if I let it, so I like to just keep it simple - plus, I don't miss having those few FB not in rotation with all their cute dipes and covers!
I either carry AIOs (preferably Bumkins b/c they take up less space) or pocket dipes already stuffed!
If I will be doing the changing, then usually a couple of cpfs and an extra cover. But, if dh, grandma, or the church nursery workers will be doing the changing, then some of my cute Little Lambs AIOs.
3 prefolds
a snappi
a cuddlewrap PUL cover
FMBG AIO ( just in case I go somewhere to show off!!!)
I used to keep prefolds but with my sally spicer bucket bag, they take up too much space, so now I do two or three fitteds and a motherease cover or my bumpy cover.
I only use a diaper bag for church so I just keep Honeyboy AIOs in there. I bring the ones he uses right back out to the bag once they are done washing.
I usually just have 2-3 pf's and one or two covers in there (prorap and bumkins). Boring, yet extremly functional

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2 ubcpfs and 1 snappi live in the diaper bag. When I go out I also add to it (depending on what's clean that day) a Tootsweet fitted, FMBG fitted or AIO and a SP wool cover or FMBG PUL cover if I need trimness. I like to pack the diaper bag.
Depending on how long we are going to be gone i will bring:

2-3 Fireflies (always matching the outfit and current wool cover - gotta make converts
a spare wool cover, yes, matching, too. usually a LTK
1 nighttime dipe - usually a Nighty Newt or hemp SOS with doubler.
and I always forget a wet bag.
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I don't keep anything in the bag, I always pack according to where we are going. Usually I take Bumkins AIO's b/c they are quick and easy to put on, plus they are cute.
I also am fond of taking WIO's too... like my Fuz or RB. Those are easy to pack and put on as well. Now if I'm going to someone's house, I will usually bring cute fitteds and wool covers. If I'm going to Erin's or Christi's I will bring all my new fluff. :LOL

I always bring a few wipes, little squirty bottle, wet bag and changing pad... my Happy Tushies kit.
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It depends on where we are going and how many diapers we need.
If we need alot of dipes I take bumkins AIO, they are sooo trim and take up less space. Otherwise I'll take honeyboys or cuddlebuns with a cover.
I keep FB in my bag. DD is so squirmy during changes that I want the quickest thing I have while out and about. I also keep a stack of dry wash clothes and my Kissaluvs Diaper Potion Lotion spray. ( I
that stuff)
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I keep my diaper bag in the vehicle, and it doesn't get used very often.
I have 2 SOS and one ProRap in there, along with other dipe supplies.
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