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I must disagree that it's a "pain in the butt" to potty one so young. Why is it any more work than changing diapers? I'm assuming that your ds is not doing that himself....

My dd is 15 mo, and has been using the potty since 11 mo. My sis started using EC (check out the forum in diapering) with her 2 mo dd, so I thought I might as well start with mine who was 9 mo older at the time. We started by sitting on the potty after waking from the night and from nap since she always peed within 5 minutes of waking anyway.

Of course I pull her pants down, take her diaper off, and even help her get situated on the potty, wipe her, pour the pee/poop into the toilet if she's used the little potty instead of her ring (most often), put her diaper back on and pull her pants back up, and pick her up to the sink and wash her hands. However, I also cook her meals, put food in a dish for her, pick her up and put her in the highchair, wipe her hands and face when she's finished, wash her dishes, etc. when she eats - what isn't mommy-intensive at this age?

A little bit of help from me is certainly worth it because I haven't had to change a poopy diaper in 2 months cause she's signing every time she needs to poop, and I'm not washing diapers as often cause she wakes up dry half the time, and stays dry most of the day. We only have 2-3 wet diapers per day instead of 8-10 now so I'm washing every week or so instead of every 3-4 days. But mostly it's worth it because it seems so much more respectful to let her learn to listen to her body's cues and take control in that area of daily life when there's not much else she controls.
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