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What do I do with all this toxic stuff?

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I apologize if this is a dumb question. I am fairly new to this natural home and body care stuff. I've learned so much here - thank you, but now I have a problem! Please offer your advice.

I am a Sam's Club shopper.

That means, now I have months (years) worth of toxic cleaners and personal care products in my house. Cleaners that I don't wish to use anymore. Cleaners I want to replace with the wonderful recipes I find here.

What on earth do I do with these cleaners (and extra large bottles of shampoo)? I'm at a loss. I can't toss them, can't give them to loved ones, and don't want to continue using them.

Please help me!
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Maybe if you have a friend or neighbor who still uses them you could pass them along. Or you could donate them to a shelter or some other organization. I think all of us "converts" have had to deal w/this one at one time or another.
I remember the two brown bags of random cleaners/chemicals that I had to get rid of. It took me about a month, but I just made sure that I had people who came to visit me look at them before leaving. Slowly they disappeared. Maybe you could email your local people and ask them all up front? If you go to a church or some other religious organization, maybe they could use them?
Animal shelters or Womens shelters might be able to use them.
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