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What do I do with this "butter oil"?

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DH surprised me with some Green Pastures butter oil to try. Sweet of him... but what are we supposed to do with it? Do we just spread it on something and eat it as if it's regular butter? (well, as if it's regular butter that cost $7.50 per ounce......
) It says how much a daily "dose" is... but it doesn't say how you are supposed to take it... or what you are supposed to eat with it...?
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I take it just like CLO. Scoop it out (I keep it in the fridge) and eat it!
I mix it in with DD's oatmeal every morning. She loves it like that.
I also add it to smoothies, melt it on rice, put it on steamed veggies, and eat it straight.
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Is there really any need for it, if I'm already eating raw butter and drinking raw milk? How concentrated is it - that is, is 1 teaspoon of butter oil the nutritional equivalent of 2 teaspoons butter? 2 tablespoons? 1/2 cup?
Thanks everyone! I had some on my eggs this morning.

tboroson, I don't know the answer to your question... maybe someone else here can help with that.
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