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Background: I currently live in Wyoming and work for the state. Midwives can not be licensed here and thus there are not many to choose from. We are very close to the Colorado border so we chose to go down to Ft. Collins to find a homebirth midwife. I immediately contacted our insurance and they informed me that they covered midwifes but that she would be considered "out of network" so they would only cover 65%.

Current Situation: I had my baby at home in early March and have since sent in all of the documentation requested for the insurance claim. My claim was recently denied based on the fact that I used a midwife who was not supervised by an OB and that my birth, in fact, took place at home.

Now I have to begin appealing this denial and do not know were to start. Can some of you who have been successful in winning your insurance appeals tell me what you included in your appeal letter? I would love to bombard them with facts about how safe and affordable homebirths are but am not sure what would be the most convincing.

Thank you so much,
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