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Alright, so I'm going to be a different voice here instead of going the educate about homebirth route. I have had both of my homebirths paid for. Once with an HMO that did not cover out of network anything (We submitted a few small bills and they paid for them - goof on their part - early on. Then, we billed for the rest of the birth months later, they denied it. My main argument was that the first small bills were paid in full leading me to believe that they would cover my health provider. That took a lot of work. I NEVER mentiond homebirth.)

With the second homebirth this situation was more like what you two are going through. The insurance was PPO and would cover 80% of out of network providers. I never mentioned homebirth, I merely submitted paperwork for my out of network provider. Most insurances do not cover homebirths. While you could make your claim into a big education for the one person who will read it, you probably 1. Won't effect change in your insurance company and 2. Won't get your claim paid, because the person who is reviewing your claim has no power to change policy, only the ability to deny your claim because you had a homebirth.

My advice is to stop trying to get your homebirth paid for. Instead, get the treatment that you recieved from you care provider paid for. If your MW needs rebill the total amount but write them all up as prenatals then so be it. THEN, after everything is paid for write a letter explaining why you want your insurance company to cover homebirths, don't send it to the claims department, send it where people that make changes actually will read it. Then, write your state representative and your state's govener with a pretty much identical letter. You can find out where to send your letters to at

That's my recommendation. It's merely what worked for me. You may find your idea works better, but I just found it much easier to play the game to get what I wanted AND THEN voice my opinion and concern.

Good luck to both of you!
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