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What do I need for a new dog?

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I've been searching for a Shiba Inu and it looks like I may have found one!
I'll be taking him on a trial period (about a week), just to see how he fits in with my daughter and I.

I'd like a basic checklist of what I should buy before we go get him. He is 3.5 years old, house trained, and does not use a crate (he was a rescue and the current owners feel that he may have been abused with a crate somehow?). I imagine they may give me the harness that they use for him, but I'm not sure.

I'd just like to know if I'm forgetting anything.
I know I need:

food & water dishes
dog food (actually -- I don't know what they're feeding him but he is a little bit overweight in my opinion -- what should I feed him??)

And thats all I can think of. Is there anything else I should have in the house before we bring him home?

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Well, unless he's had a neck injury, get rid of the harness and use a collar on him-harnesses encourage pulling by supporting the chest and initiating the opposition reflex. I'd have a kong so you can stuff it to keep him busy, you should get some sort of place where he can go to escape from janae if he needs to.
As for food, if he's overweight you want to go to a high meat diet, Innova or EVO would be good.
The harness was recommended by the current owner because it is a Shiba Inu and they said that their heads are very narrow and can somewhat easily slip out of their collars. Should I disregard that? (I really don't know either way).

What's a kong?

Yeah, he looks a little chunky to me.... but probably not too much really. The current owners have four dogs and want to start breeding (I'm not feeling too confident about their ability, though... maybe its just a bad vibe, I donno) ... but three of their dogs were fat (the fourth was a new puppy, so I think he's just not fat YET). The dog I'll be getting was the least fat.

I'll look into those dog foods. I've actually been reading a bit about raw feeding now, and I'm thinking about doing that -- especially because the people who do it really really think its great, and its also cheaper -- I want to feed a quality diet, but I also have to consider finances. I like the idea that what people are recommending as BEST can also be the cheapest. How do you feel about a raw diet? I'm very intimidated by the idea.
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I still wouldn't use a harness--try a limited slip collar or martingale. They're designed to be used with narrow-headed dogs like sighthounds.
Iam's weight control is good. Maybe he wasn't getting enough exercise?
Don't forget the weight control cookies too!
I wouldn't buy too many toys at first, my dog never plays with her toys, she mostly like to chase the pinecones I throw. Same for a bed, I bought her a bed but she never slept on it. She sleeps on my bed during the day, and on the rug at the end of my bed, or in the office down the hall, at night.
Congratulations on your new puppy!
I would suggest looking at the Gentle Leader line of products. I've heard great reviews regarding these types of leaders. I'm not sure about the breed of dog you are speaking about, but I know owners of Boxers have had great success with these.
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