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What do I use to have my baby on front, facing out?

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So I've seen lots of good directions but am having a hard time finding directions to have my baby in front, facing out (it seems kind of boring for them to just see my chest). I'd prefer his legs out because I've had a hard time with them in, in a sling.
If anyone has any suggestions for a good tie, or a way to make his legs comfortable in, let me know!

oh yeah, I'd be using a wrap orf maybe ring sling
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Using a wrap - either do the FWCC putting the baby in facing out, or make the pouch deep and put the baby in there kangaroo position! You should only do the legs facing out for a short time but my DS loves it.

Using a ring sling I think you'd have to do kangaroo.
I put my babies in ring slings facing out, but the legs are inside, criss crossed. If you want them out I'd suggest a wrap.

You can just buy the fabric and wrap it. No need to buy an expensive one if you don't want to.
I'd like to put his legs inside so there isn't so much pressure on his crotch, but he has short chubby legs and they just don't seem to cross well, that and he cries. I was hoping this would go better
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My guy has short chubby legs too. They don't bend well, lol. I don't wear him facing out at all yet.
If you can't really cross his legs comfortabley then I agree, you should use a wrap, and I also agree with just getting some fabric a the fabric store. I got some strong muslin, and it works great and isn't to bulky.
I have little experience with wraps and other lings, but we use our sling a LOT!

Why does he have to be facing your chest? and how old is he??

My son's 4 mos. and we've used a snuggly (or a trecker's supposed to be good- don't know if that's a canadain thing) for facing out. But for the most part he rides on my hip, in a squatting/frog position, so he can choose to look ahead or behind, and gets a pretty food view of the world.

This is the sling we use, and it's been great!
(like the position in the pic at the bottom, only his feet are in, and under bum- he could push and stand up in the position we usually put him in)
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