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What do plugged ducts feel like??

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My 2 mo. old started sleeping 6 hours between feedings a couple nights ago. Since yesterday I have had this localized pain in my right breast (on the bottom side through to the center) with no other symptoms. It hurts the most when I first let down if ds is starting on the left. It is not a sharp pain unless I am feeding ds, more of a mild ache (kind of like when you know a pimple is starting) that just lets me know it is there. I have talked with some friends who said to use massage, hot compresses and to make sure that I am empty when ds eats, so I have been pumping after each feeding. Is it a plugged duct? What can I do to keep it from getting worse? Does this mean that I need to wake up at night and pump so it doesn't get worse or happen again? Ds #1 ate every 2 hours around the clock, so I never had to worry about this problem. I have read Dr. Sears and, but don't have more than an ache at this point, so am not sure if it is a plugged duct or not.

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
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I agree that it must be a blocked duct. I've had this many times, mostly when dc were going through a growth spurt where they would feed alot for a week, then go back to normal BFing.
When they get very backed-up they create huge nodular bumps that are tender, which can turn into mastitis after a while.

I would jump in a hot shower and massage the breast then get dc to nurse. You can also try wool breast pads. I find them very useful since they keep the area warm and help the duct become unplugged. Continue pumping too, with the warm compresses, it will eventually unblock itself with all that you are doing.
Yeah...sounds like a plugged duct. Put a warm to almost hot compress on the area several times a day, followed by a firm but gentle massaging of that area. It would be awesome to pump or get your ds to nurse after each of these sessions. I hope it doesn't get worse for you! Good luck!
Oh I hate clogged ducts! When I get them my breast feels very sore in one particular area, almost bruised. Sometimes the skin is hot too. The best thing is to nurse, nurse, nurse. It usually takes about 24 hours or more of lot's of nursing for my clogged ducts to go away and sometimes 2 days before the pain is totally gone. I agree a hot shower should help, then nurse as much as possible and try to point your baby's chin towards the clogged duct when you nurse. Good luck, hope it clears up soon!
I too had pain kind of like that a few months ago when I was drying up. Althought I think I had really bad pain and felt sick. I asked a friend who is a midwife what she thought and she thought it was a clogged ducted or mastites. She told me to take a hot shower before feeding and to make sure to pump all of the milk out after the feeding. She also told me to put cabbage leaves on the sore area. I really think the cabbage helped. Good luck
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