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- a cry of pain, inconsolable (eventually drifting off to sleep)
- low-grade fever (101.5)
- pushing with her legs while nursing, as if there is tummy discomfort
- breathing that is louder than normal
LATER, once fever had subsided and crying had stopped, she was acting her usual cheerful self:
- swollen face around one of her eyes, mild puffiness in the cheeks

Our 11 month old dd had these symptoms last night. Does it sound like an allergy to you, or something else? We monitored her closely, constantly trying to determine if we should go to the doctor. Now the symptoms have all subsided. No fever, swelling is almost completely gone, no crying, etc.

We have an appointment scheduled for later today. Do you think the doctor will be able to tell us anything, or will it be a waste of time?
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