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I'm curious about all the different tricks people have devised for keeping ticks off their babies. I've got a nine month old crawler and a back yard with some ticks.

I know that in adults DEET is the only truly effective repellent ( the day I didn't wear it several years ago during a hike I got bitten -- got lyme). Does anyone use it on their kids?

I'm thinking also that we should keep the grass short and the brush down. I will try to put Lulu on a blanket outside, but keeping her on it is unrealistic.

Does anyone put socks on their babe and tuck in their pants? I can barely keep ANY clothes on Lulu (she squirms right out of pants/socks), so I am not sure this is an option. Plus, it gets pretty hot around here.

Has anyone put wood chips down (they are dry and ticks don't like to live in them) or treated their lawns with permetherin (crushed cyrsanthemum) at the beginning of the season?

I take lyme very seriously; it took two years of my life to cure a bad case I got. Don't want anything happening to Lulu. But I refuse to keep her indoors all the time!!

Any pointers on the daily tick check? I did my first one tonight while Lulu was in the bath. "Ma, why you looking between my toes???"

Thanks so much,

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