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what do you do when they dont stay on?

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I never thought i would have to ask this question, i feel like I am the ever all knowing mom when it comes to dd's diapers but Um I guess not LOL.
Primarily we use velcro diapers on her ( happy heinys ). Well it is becoming a huge issue for us for her to keep them on. I dont want to put bloomers or shorts on her its getting too hot for that now, i do think it is a good step for potty training but know that will come in its own time too, So my question is what do I do ? do i switch it so she only has snapped covers? any advice?
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Maybe it is too hot for this too, but I saw it suggested once that you put them in a onesie for a few weeks. That way they can't get to the dipe.
My oldest has figured out velcro and snaps......At bedtime we had to start putting Pull-UPs on her, even though I hated to do it. But I kept finding naked baby with um, fecal matter all over the walls......If you know of a diaper that stays on, let me know! (She'll leave the pull-ups on because she's not quite good enough to pull them down yet.....I'm sure that day is coming though.)
I heard other Mammas say to put them on backward!
Hey - that's a GREAT idea!!! Thanks - I'm going to try that tonight! I'll just move the inserts.......
The only cover my DD cannotor will not remove is her ME air flows.
Our roomate had twin houdini's and put their diapers on backwards ... it worked well ... especially as she had to chase after them to do the diapers up in the first place.
perhaps let the babe go diaperless and stick around to encourage potty use. she may be trying to tell you she doesnt want to wear diapers. our son knows that if he wants to go naked, he tells us when he needs to go pee or poo. even a younger babe is aware enough for this. we dont encourage or discourage tristan, and on days he wants to run naked (most days...) he uses the toilet full time.

Boo long ago figured out velcro - snaps weren't long after that.

We pin all his diapers on him unless he's fully dressed.
I gotta do snaps or something over the velcro diapers... We have a little miss streaker though and she loves to get her clothes off and go naked!
I just put a pair of little shorts (gymboree has the little bike shorts that are soooo cute) on over the diaper and that seems to do for now. I don't think it's too hot...not sure though. DD also hasn't figured out the snaps on our FB. Not sure what we'lll do then
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