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What do you do when you have two?

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I am no where near ttc again yet but was just wondering for those with a new baby and another baby/toddler of a slingable age, what do you do?

Are there tandum slings/pouches/packs? Do you wear the older one on the back and the newborn on the front?

Is it even done or do you wear the new baby and hold your toddler's hand? Or hope DH or DP is with you and can wear one?

Inquiring minds want to know!
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I don't think I could physically safely carry two... although I suppose it is possible. (My toddler is 33 lbs, and it's enough work to carry him.) Every body has its limitations. I am planning on slinging the new baby most often and having the toddler hold my hand or ride in the stroller. If DH is with me, he often carries the toddler on his shoulders.
I wear my 9 month old son on my front & my 12 month old step-son on my back, both in ABCs, without any problems! I've saw pictures of people with two ring slings on, but I"m not that coordinated!
I think I would break if I wore all of my kids at the same time
. I put the big kids in a double stroller and wear the baby. And depending on who needs what or wants what, I switch them around.

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Alexander's at the age where he can pretty much walk and not get into (too much) trouble - he'll be 3 next month. He's too big for me to sling w/Ava (32 lbs). If its just him and he wants to go in the sling he's welcome to. I do have a lightweight stroller that I use for him if he's not in the mood to walk when I don't have another adult around. If my DH or another family member is with us then he just walks.
Well my older dd asked to get out of the sling before my baby was born so I wasn't really slingin' her anymore anyway. However, I still carry her for shorter periods and that I can do with one in the sling and one on the opposite hip...not for a long time but long enough to satisfy. And when dh is around he carries the older babe on his shoulders or whatever. We also use a stroller sometimes.

My older one really likes to walk "all by myself" I miss slingin' with her!
It can be hard sometimes with a baby and todder, but if I do not have my dh around to help me (thats rare lately!) I will sling my baby and my 24 month old DS goes in the stroller He LOVES riding lately in the stroller, my 3 year old is a pretty good walker at this point, but for really long walks or trips to the park ect I tend to use my double stroller or my pram as I can fit 2 kids in it!

If dh is with me we both sling one, and my 3 year old walks unless its a long walk then we use a small combi savvy for him..he can hop in when hes tired!

My five year old is addicted to her bike these days! so she rides that everywhere mostly...LOL

Basically lots of kids = lots of options...hee hee
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I used to be able to carry Ella in the Maya Pouch on one side and Jessa on my other hip, but they are both too big now! I try to plan my outings with dh so that Jessa can ride on his shoulders (her favorite spot
). Either that or I hold her hand.
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Lets see, ds was just turning two when dd was born - so she's my wearable
and he did well in shopping carts, strollers and now he's doing pretty well hand-holding (he's almost 3).

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Morgan! I got so excited when I saw the title of your post! You had me going there for a minute!

Nothing to add, except that I think it would depend on the size of the mama and the babes. I'm so small that it can already be challenging to sling DD, who is very long on me. I don't think I could manage two at once.
I can't really sling both kids for a long time. I've tried putting dd#2 in the front using a wrap and piggy backing dd#1.
Friend of mine would sling dd#1 (2 years) on her back and dd#2 (infant) on her front, all with one Maya wrap.

She's like superwoman.
<----- she needs a cape!
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