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what do you do when....

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what do you do when your diapers are on there last legs? i bought about 14 sugarpeas off the trading post when my dd was young. they've lasted through my ds who's now 20 months old. they are on their last legs though and i don't know what to do with them. i don't feel like i can just throw them away but i don't feel right trying to sell them either. they don't appear like they'd make good rags because the hemp is not super soft, but who know.

any ideas?

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Ditto what the PP said...list them FFS (free for shipping) on the Trading Post and they'll get snatched right up.
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Ok, glad I'm not the only one that doesn't know what to do with old diapers. I just HATE to throw them away....seems so aweful to do that. I have lots of old stuff...just waiting for someone to need it.

I can't throw a thing away.
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Definitely donate them...either to miracle diapers, or offer them up free for shipping to someone....there are lots of mommas out there who need things and are either happy to use stuff that is pretty worn out, or who have the skills to fix them up and make-em a little nicer.....
love the idea of miracle diapers! thanks so much.
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