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What do you do with toast?

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dd has really been into snacking lately and just not interested in the more substantial things I offer her that used to be sure winners. I am okay with offering only nutritious snacks for a while, but I'd like to do something with toast. Right now she never turns it down. She always has it with butter. I've suggested peanut butter and she always rejects it (hmmm. maybe I ought to just present it instead of asking).

What else to add nutrition to whole wheat toast?
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I like applesauce on it- or other fruit puree, my little one will sometimes eat this, and sometimes just checks to see if when she throws it, will it always land fruit side down!

Good luck.
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We like cream cheese, peanut butter, hummus, bean dip, melted cheese, and yogurt with toast. You can toast it lightly, spread it and roll it up and cut it like a cinnamon roll into little bites. DS drops pieces in his cereal bowl but I wouldn't recommend that!
Two of our favorites are cream cheese w/jam and butter melted with honey. Applesauce ON peanut butter is also quite yummy! Sometimes I also just like to put a thick slice of some sort of cheese on top and eat it like that.
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Pumpkin butter. Very Yummy and high in vitamin A.
Different kinds of nut butters, like almond and cashew
Melted cheddar cheese with avacado
Cream cheese whipped with wheat germ or tasted flaxseeds
My dd is very into dipping, so I've taken wheat toast and sliced it lengthwise to make dipping sticks, and done all kinds of things like were mentioned above (almond butter & fruit puree, mashed avacado, hummus).

Like anything, some days she likes it...
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Mmmmmm - pumpkin butter sounds SO good!

I like apple butter, too.

Ds likes toast if I call it "jam and bread." Elmo eats that on his picnic on his Jeans and Jacket Day (a book).

I have to be careful to only fix as much toast as ds will eat. I only toast half a slice of bread (Brownberry Health Nut), or else I would eat it! Toddler snacks are wrecking my weight loss!
I was also going to suggest aple butter! It's really great! or yogurt flavored cream cheese, yum.
Oh man. I'm at school all day today and didn't get time to eat this morning as we woke up late. So you ladies are making me hungry!!! Mmmmmmm, that all sounds so good! And I have homemade apple butter(we went apple picking yesterday at the organic orchard near us) in the fridge. Yum yum yum!
Meg(likes apple butter and peanut butter on her toast)
I second the avacado
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