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What do you gals think?

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I am now 8 DPO. I have already posted the symptoms I had from 2DPO to 6DPO... fatigue, dizzy, heart burn, mild cramping on and off, throbbing pains in abdomen, nausea (on and off- really bad the one night)...
Well in one day I just got a whole wack of NEW symptoms and they are not in my head. I have to admit, some times I want to be pregnant so badly that I think I push myself to believe that every "THING" going on with my body is a pregnancy symptom even when the so called symptoms are almost un-noticeable!

Last night and when I woke up this morning I had a extremely sore lower back. I woke up this morning (Friday) with bad AF type cramps. They would come and go (kind of like contractions when your giving birth- NOT THAT BAD- but that kind of pattern). So after tossing and turning for a little bit I got out of bed at 7AM (and I didn't even have to get up this morning unlike every other day!). So the cramps continued off and on all day like that. I keept thinking AF was coming early, but no AF. I wiped at one time and got an almost non existent amount of brown on the toilet paper but that was it. Throughout the entire day today I have also had throbbing pains (hurts quite a bit actually) going through my right breast. Also throbbing type pains around my belly button and lower right abdomen. Nausea has been coming off and on all day (but not bad). When I was chewing gum I had to spit it out because I thought I was puke. Heart burn has been coming and going as well. I feel stupid saying this because I know that increased urination is not suppose to come until your uterus gets better a few months into your pregnancy BUT today I have been peeing ALL THE TIME! Also- every time I turn around I find myself eating. I normally can't eat too much but at supper we went to Pizza hut and I had two plates full of greek salad, two pieces of garlic bread and cheese, four wings, 1 piece of pizza and 1/4 of a cinnimon thing ONTOP of eating ALL DAY LONG! Oh another thing! I woke up in the middle of the night and spit in the sink and I spit out blood- I think my gums were bleeding. I rinsed my mouth out a couple of times before it was all gone.
What do you guys think? Am I crazy or is it possible I am pregnant?
Thanks girls!
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Anything is possible. Wow you have a lot of symptoms. Have you ever been pregnant before and had any thing like this? It does not seem that likely you would have so many symptoms so early on, but everyone is different. No way are you crazy, pregnant? well only time will tell. It does sound promising.
I will cross my fingers for ya.
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Yep I have been pregnant before. Nathan is 22 months old now. He was a surprise and I was really not paying attention to symptoms. I noticed very sore breasts the day AF was due and I know I was super tired and dizzy and had slight cramping. I can't really remember any thing else. I hope I get my BFP this month- We will see I guess... only four days till testing
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