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What do you ladies wear OUT at this stage in the game?

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Good morning Mamas!

At 8.5 months and on bedrest, I don't go anywhere if I can help it - save my midwife's office. I haven't put on anything but scrubs and my hubs tshirts and moisturizer in months!

Well, today I've got to go to a family bbq - one with much hush-hush sneakiness surrounding it, at that. Which means that not only will I have to get dressed, but I will probably want to look semi-decent in photos holding up little onesies!

So, what are you guys finding really 'works' for you right now? I look at my little pile of maternity wear and am totally baffled as to what I should even put on to go to the grocery store. I don't need to roll in looking glamorous, but I would like to at least look like I have some sense and didn't just throw on my jammies to come out to visit.

So, what are your favorite pieces? What makes you feel good and lovely? What would you want to be seen in for - uh - posterity?

Hope you all are having a beautiful Sunday morning!
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Whatever fits!

I have a couple tees that still fit and some of the maternity skirts from Target with the fold-over waistband. What sucks would he the socks and swim slide that velcro because I can't fit into anything other shoes! Good luck!
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Whatever fits... ditto that!

I have one pair of capri pants that are still comfy so I wear those a lot, but otherwise I have to wear less comfortable pants and let them roll under my belly.

Really, it's becoming less about fashion and more about being comfy, but it doesn't mean I like it!
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Luckily- I bought a maternity skirt at Old Navy that was on clearance about a month ago (it has the fold over elastic panel thingy too) so it is my thing to put on when I want to look cute- which is hard at this point. Otherwise, I still have some pre-pregnancy capris that are fairly low-wasted so I can button them under my belly but they're not nearly as comfy at my skirt. Which I pair with one of the long layering tanks from Old Navy and a knit shrug thingy to help cover my massive breasts.
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Honestly...about the only thing that is comfortable for me now is my big ol' maternity overalls.

LOVE them!!!
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Have fun!!

I have two cute maternity shirts that still fit nicely and maternity jeans, 1 regular and 1 capri. I know next week for Easter my "dress up" outfit will be a drawstring waist skirt that I've had for years, a tank top (mens, size XXL I think) and DH's XXL Denim shirt over that. LOL, very stylish. I'm praying it will be warm enough for sandals.
The best thing I have is a stretchy princess-seamed top. Most of my shirts are shapeless and just say "beached whale" in general, but this one really defines boobs from belly in a flattering way. And almost all of my pants are slacks, for work's sake.
the only outfit that makes me feel good right now is a pair of well fitting maternity jeans and a top that is actually a dress from victorias secret

it USED to be a dress for me, but now it works so well as a top, its strapless and super stretchy, like a long soft tube.
i really like strapless long tube tops for pregnancy-they are comfy and i feel dressed up in them.
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IME, the most flattering look is wearing a very long shirt or dress that is knit and quite form-fitting so that it almost emphasizes the belly, while making everything else look smaller (good in my case). Avoid mat shirts that are non-stretchy because they just tent out and don't look that flattering on most women.

I went out to dinner yesterday and wore long stretchy black pants with a long layering tank from Old Navy (bright pink) and a little white cotton cardigan for on top (a old non-maternity one that is short and doesn't button up). I actually felt pretty good! Accessories are important - wear some fancy shoes if you don't have to be standing (I wore pink embroidered mules with a bit of a heel) and a pretty necklace and hairstyle that flatters your face.

Another good look is a long form-fitting black t-shirt dress accessorized with a pretty necklace and shoes. I agree with the PP that a form-fitted dress worn as a tunic over pants can be really cute too.

People really enjoy seeing the form of the belly at this stage, and covering it up usually just backfires (makes everything look big).
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Keep your main clothes pretty sleek. Black has been my fav!! But then ACCESSORIZE!!!!!!
I can't say this enough!! Necklace, bracelet, ring (not too many), and earrings. ANd if you can get some larger pieces they really show glamour!

I would wear a solid pants, shirt and then let the accessories be stared at.
OH and yes, tents don't work! People (for some reason) love to SEE that belly!.

Cute shoes are good too, but for me these days I can only wear comfortable!! shoes!
I agree, tent shirts are baaaaaaddddd!
That's why I'm 35w and still wearing regular shirts, I have two maternity shirts and only wear them if I have nothing else clean that fits. It's getting rough though since the belly is getting bigger and hanging so low. I found a few t-shirts that are longer, like regular unisex t-shirts (vs. the hip length tees I normally prefer) and if I wear my regular size in those I get more tummy coverage and still have the fitted belly look. So now I'm doing a lot of advertising for Curves
and dh's band!
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My fav is my kaki capri's and my pic maternity shirt.....I am not having a
problem with things not fitting to bad other than I have ran out of shirts
to wear except the few maternity ones I bought.
Comfortable inexpensive cotton, that's my "style" right now! I have some (non-maternity) cotton t-shirts (some short and some long sleeve) that I got from Target, I normally wear Medium or Large, but these are 2X, I'm hoping they'll last me through the end, because the 3X are really baggy. I'm also wearing some cotton pants from Motherhood Maternity (3 pairs I alternate), they have a thick elastic area around the belly and I've managed to wear them from the time when I couldn't fit my regular pants until now, and it looks like they'll last until the end of my pregnancy - I'm really happy about this, because I can't stand the feel of paneled pants. They may not live to see another pregnancy, though, I guess that's what happens when they're "cheap"... I figure maybe I can use them as a pattern next time around and make my own. I've had a desire lately to have a comfy tenty dress to wear around the house even though I think they are hideous, it would be nice to not have pressure around the belly/hips sometimes.
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Right now, it's Gap demi-panel bootcut jeans (two free accidental pairs when I bought one with a giftcard, whoo!) and big-but-slightly-fitted maternity T-shirts (man, it's hard finding comfy shirts that don't ride up). DP was being a sweetie and hanging my laundry last night and joked, "Are you turning goth?" Every shirt I have is black right now ... basic basic basic.
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