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My first, alaskan-king-crab thought when I read this thread was, "Not much." But after some reflection, I've thought of a few things, and it's always a good idea for me to accentuate the positive.

*Not having to clean out the cat box!
*having strangers smile at me, ask when my baby's due, give up their seats in crowded areas for me
*having my cravings indulged
*napping with impunity
* the way everything sort of just slows down -- your most important work is going on, 24/7, and you can let everything else take its proper place on the priority list
* this time, with #2, anticipating how my DS will be as a big brother.
*debating over names
*DP gives me more massages -- last time, in the third trimester, it was daily almost-full-body massages...heavenly.
*when you can't reach your feet it's a good excuse to get professional pedicures!
*it doesn't matter that my stomach's not flat, b/c pretty soon it's gonna be SO not flat!
*while I have to give up or at least limit some of my favorite foods (subs, brie, Diet Coke, coffee, sushi), this gives me a good excuse to get fancy stuff I wouldn't ordinarily: pomegranate juice, pregnancy teas, lots of organic crackers and special little treats
*I'll get to use all those little bitty adorable cloth diapers and covers again!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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