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This is a great idea for a thread, although I have to admit that I had to sleep on it to decide what I wanted to add. I am NOT one of those women who loves being pg. But, there are aspects of it that I do love. First, perhaps, is being priviledged enough to be part of an absolute miracle. Each time, I've been just amazed at our bodies' abilities to do what they do so beautifully.

I also like being able to ease up on my exercise and enjoy just kind of plugging along, instead of pushing hard. I enjoy walking and being able to get exercise from that, whereas normally, I will only run for exercise.

Right now I am enjoying the fact that when we move to temporary housing, as we look for a house in Indianapolis, I only have to take my maternity clothes and don't need to think of anything else for myself at least (is this grasping at straws?)

I always love to cook and eat well, but I especially enjoy being thoughtful about what my baby needs and how to get it during my pregnancy.

I am enjoying anticipating nursing again!!
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