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I love that ppl want to buy me stuff

One of the things I *sometimes* love and sometimes think is a PITA-- ppl won't let me "overexert" myself. Sometimes this is nice, but lately I have found it to be a little ridiculous. I did my friend's wedding, where the heaviest thing I lifted was 5 pounds. My DH was worried about me, and many ppl were telling me to stay of my feet, etc. GRRR! I hate that *I* was in charge of the decorations, and I ended up feeling like a gopher more than the one giving direction!

But, I do love that I get out of cleaning the litter, taking out the trash, etc.

I also love that my husband is paying attention to my tummy. He rubs it with Cocoa butter EVERY night
. he also talks/ sings to the baby while he massages my belly.
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