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What do you really want to do for yourself before baby gets here?

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Not get the house cleaned and finish folding baby clothes or complete your diaper stash. Is there anything that you really want to do, for yourself, before the baby gets here? Either with your SO, with your other children, or alone for self care?

I'm thinking I really want to get a hair cut (Should be easy to accomplish right? We'll see! :p). I would also really like to get family portraits taken with my husband and my son and me pregnant, but my husband HATES getting his picture taken, and money is tight, so I don't know if that will happen.

What are some things you'd like to do before you have this baby, then the holidays hit, and then suddenly it's a new year (can you believe all that is coming in just a few short months?!)
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I want to knit new slippers. I have been in baby knitting mode for months, but I have this super nice bamboo yarn that will make the plushiest, comfiest slipper socks, but that project keeps getting put off.
I would die for a decent haircut and a massage. Mani/Pedi would be nice, too. I do want to knit some warm wool socks and a hat for myself, too, but probably won't get around to it. I am buying some furniture in 2 weeks at IKEA that has more to do with getting this house in order than baby related, and since I'm a Virgo, this is doing something for me.
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I really want to cut & henna my hair, knit a few pairs of socks and some new fingerless gloves for ME..maybe a nice cozy soft caul...and maybe a new hat?
i'm hoping my knitting inspiration kicks in soon!

on more practical terms.. get my room ready for baby-mooning & lotus birthing...meaning having it feel like a peaceful haven, not a messy clean laundry dumping ground...

I would also like some massages and chiro sessions to get me feeling more aligned and I plan to start going to prenatal yoga once it starts up again...maybe in late September.
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Would love to get a babysitter one night and just have dinner with dh. This is something that we rarely get the chance to do. I also will join the mani/pedi crowd, especially after trying to cut my toenails the other day. A massage would be super nice too, but not sure if I'll get that all pulled off.
I would love a haircut. And a break from DD for like, 24 hrs. And a box of donuts all to myself.
Cutting my toenails.
That's a good one! I couldn't even reach my feet to see this huge new bruise I have today.
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Well, I finally made it to the chiro last week, so I'd like to get a few more visits in at least. And other than that, I'll forego everything just to have this baby. I desperately want to feel like myself again, without nausea, vomiting and heartburn hanging over me all the time. So what do I want to do just for ME? GET THIS BABY OUT!
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Pedicure, professional belly pics, massage, and painting my belly are all high on my list. I had a date with DH last week which was fantastic!
i would like to go see a movie in the theater. all by myself.

Originally Posted by fancyoats View Post
i would like to go see a movie in the theater. all by myself.
Ooh, that sounds really good too.
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A mother in ds's preschool class (she's also in my book club) mentioned a few of us getting away for a girl's weekend. I would LOVE to do this...I have not had a night away from all of my children EVER.
My dad gave me a gift certificate for a prenatal massage for my birthday (back in May). I wanted to wait until I was further along and really needed the massage! I think that time has come.

DH is going to pay for me to upgrade to a whole prenatal pampering package that includes a facial and an ecofriendly pedicure with non-toxic nail polish.
I can't wait! The problem is scheduling because DH is working full time and in school for his masters degree and he's really the only person I have in town to watch DS. UGH.

I also want to go see a movie in the theaters (why is Harry Potter not out until 10 days after my due date?!) and get some good Indian food. I was dairy free while nursing DS and will probably be for this baby too, so I want to get some good Indian food while I can!
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I want to take myself out on a date. I want to go have a pedicure/manicure where I'll start reading a really awesome hilarious book that will make me smile 10x just in the first chapter... oh and it has to be a non-romantic/very light romantic type... I'm thinking maybe another Christopher Moore book or I just got done with Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella so maybe another one of her books... Anyways after I pretty up my nails, I'll take myself to a nice italian dinner where I'll continue to read my book while enjoying an overly large bowl of amazing pasta and ignoring all the "oh that poor girl... her date must have stood her up" looks. LOL! Then I'll take myself to the movies and see whatever floats my fancy at the time. After the movie I'll head home to a quiet house since my daughter will be staying the night at my moms and my partner will be working... I'll take a bath and read some more of my book. Then I'll snuggle up on the couch with a blanket, a bowl of frozen grapes or maybe cake and ice-cream (Mmm well some type of dessert) and I'll continue to read my fantastic book. I'll fall asleep on the couch and I'll drift off into dreamland where I will have a wonderful dream about rainbows and ponies.

Yep... So I'm planning this for around October when I stop working. Probably the 2nd weekend in October. :) Oh and I've done this before and I absolutely love going on dates by myself! Maybe I'm weird but I just really enjoy having alone time because its very rare that I'm ever truly alone anymore so it's a special treat. I suggest it to anyone who hasn't done it before. Its awesome! The first time was probably a year before I had my daughter. I had gotten stood up by my friends and I was really bummed because I had been looking forward to nice night out... Then I thought to myself 'Uh... hello just go by yourself you dim wit! Grab a book and go!' and so I did and I fell in love with taking myself on dates. Hahahaha I actually prefer it over dates with my partner. LOL! Poor guy!
I also get a total kick out of seeing people's faces when I tell them "yep, it's just going to be me", people always tend to think the worst especially since I like to eat at "date" type places. LOL! I've even had people come up to me from other table and invite me to join them because they think I've been stood up. I'm super polite when I explain it to them and usually they laugh and say "Oh your brave. I'd never do that" then I'll tell them they have to try it sometime.
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Probably a haircut (but I will probably just end up cutting it myself as usual...) and definitely a pedicure!

I would love a prenatal massage, but DH won't let me spend the money.. I told him that was fine as long as he kept giving me back massages when I ask..
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Lucy&Jude'sMama- DYING of jealousy! Sounds nice!
Hmm.. I'd love to see a chiro, get a long massage, get my hair trimmed and perhaps a pedi..

I'd like to go on a date with just hubby (and the 3 year old... she's never been away from me or daddy) and for dessert I want tiramisu.

I'd love to take each kid on an individual date and really spend some quality alone time with them. My oldest son often takes just me (and his sister) on dates, it's really nice being with just him.
I have wanted a night BY MYSELF for years. My DH gave me a gift card to a hotel a year and a half ago for Mother's Day and I *still* haven't used it. I might want to do that before baby comes, else it'll be a couple more years... Or maybe I'll see if I can get my mom to keep the kids so DH and I can have a night on our own. This will be the first pregnancy (since #1) where we haven't taken a week or so to spend just together, and now that my mom's back to teaching, there's no way we'll have that luxury before baby comes. It's really good to have time to reconnect before life gets MORE crazy, though!

A mani/pedi at an eco-friendly spa (need to find one) would be awesome, too! And maybe a massage JUST for relaxation... I have been and will be doing therapeutic ones but they HURT!! Maybe one to stimulate the labor points around 38-39 weeks would be good.

Oh, and I *need* a haircut. And facial waxing.
I haven't been since April! And that was waxing only, no haircut. Eek.
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I wanted to get my hair cut and colored and my bedroom cleaned. We did both this weekend.
The only thing remaining for my bedroom is to sell and move out an unused antique dresser, which will allow more room for a bassinet in here.
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I just ordered myself a pair of wool slippers using birthday money, rather than spending the *whole* amount on other people. That'll be really nice, and preserve the soles of the wool socks I've been wearing around the house lately for actual sock use.
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