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what do you store food in?

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I have the standard assortment of food storage containers that are reuseable. But I am a slave to ziplock bags.
I do wash some of them and reuse them but I would like to do away with them entirely. What do people out there store things like bread and sandwiches in. My bread is a funny shape so I can't use the containers that are made for sandwiches. Also, zip lock bags take up very little space and I have a tiny kitchen. What other space conscious storage options do I have. I also do alot of freezer cooking and store many CP freezer meals in ziplock. A food saver is not an option. I just can not add one more appliance to my kitchen counters. Between the CP, Bread maker, microwave, waffle maker, toaster, asorted spice and utensil racks and soon to be added yogurt maker I hardly have any counterspace as it is. And we have no pantry so what cabinet space I have is used for plates, pans and food. Adding even the smallest additional appliance is not an option. Not to mention I don't like that the food saver bags are not reuseable. No different than zip lock IMO.
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What about fabric bags to store your bread and sandwiches in? (You could custom make them to fit your odd-sized bread.)

I store meals in lidded Pyrex containers, or canning jars (for things like soup, spaghetti sauce, et cetera.) You can freeze them, too.

I store my flour in an old dairy milk can. (I put in a bin liner first.) The milk can holds 50 lbs of flour...or about 3 months' worth.

I use antique canning jars (the blue ones) for storage in my cupboard. (The regular ones would work just as well; I think the blue ones are prettier.)

I'm not sure if this answers your question. Hope it helps...

Originally Posted by kathirynne
I use antique canning jars (the blue ones) for storage in my cupboard. (The regular ones would work just as well; I think the blue ones are prettier.)
AH!!! What a great idea!!! And I just missed a big giveaway of them on Freecycle too, what a bummer. I am always seeing these at garage sales, will be sure to stock up this season. Thanks for sharing that!
These things would make awesome replacements for sandwhich bags. Also, when I moved into my new place with a much smaller kitchen I purchased a bakers rack on whick I keep my microwave, all my cookbooks, four LARGE glass jars of bulk goods, half a dozen smaller glass jars with food, my telephone and answering machine, breadmaker, and 1-2 sacks of bulk food. I have a hutch where I keep even more glass jars of food and some dishes and even some baking stuff in the lower compartment. I also put up a pair of shelves with other glass jars of dry goods. I also weeded through a lot of stuff that I wasn't using and have stored it up in my dd's closet. I have a food saver (that I got for christmas) and it is up on my fridge. I just thought that I would give you some ideas for making your small kitchen work for you. I really like my kitchen now after a year of making more storage space and changing things up.
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