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What do you store your bulk spices in?

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I am drowning in little baggies!! I love buying my spices in bulk, but it's making me crazy sifting through all the plastic baggies to find what I need. I know I could save my old glass jars, but I don't have enough. Can anyone point me to a good source to buy little glass jars or give me a better idea? I have a few of those cool magnetic spice holders, but they are spendy.
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Ok, I guess I didn't look hard enough. Here are some cute jars. But if anyone has anything more creative, I'd love more ideas.
I either have them in the little spice jars that I bought years ago (I mean when you buy non-bulk spices at the store, I reuse the jar). Lately I've been using the small canning jars, they are like 3 inches high, easily stackable.
I have a bunch of spice jars I bought at Joann Fabrics years ago- they are like old fashioned canning jars with the gasket and wire latch. I also have a bunch of plain spice jars I bought at a dollar store. Frontier has spice jars if you can get into a co-op.
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