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What do you stuff FB with at night?

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I am just now getting some Fuzzi Bunz in and do not really know what I need to buy to stuff them for night time use? I am still using sposies at night until I get what I need.
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Mine came with microfiber inserts. I use these with a little lambs hemp insert (from e-bay - if you're patient, you can get a decent deal, I got mine for around $2 each, and they seem to absorb quite a bit) or a joey bunz (trimmer than the ll, and absorb about the same)

We don't use the fb at night often though. We're still trying to find a good solution for nights, since dd tends to be a super soaker at night (heck, all day too!) When we need to (laundry, etc) we use two ll inserts with a microfiber to help with quick absorption

Good luck finding your night time solution!

We use a cotton baby insert and a microfiber towel. Sometimes we use 2 microfiber towels.
I use either an infant prefold with a cotton babies insert, or 2 sam's microterry towels or one microterry and a joey bunz. That gets us about 4-5 hours.
My DS is a supersoaker, and his night-time diaper needs to last for 10-12 hours, depending on how long he sleeps. He is now wearing size Large FBs. During the day we just use one Joey Bunz, but at night I put in an additional two size medium Joey Bunz for a total of 3. It is working great so far, even on nights like last night when he sleeps for 12 hours there is still dry area left on the JBs.

Sure, it's not exactly trim, but this kid will flood out a sposie. Found that out last time we travelled out of state to visit the ILs.
I concur with some of the above posts. A joey bunz and either a microfiber insert or a trifolded microfiber towel works for us. It is better to have the microfiber closest to the baby as it absorbs quicker than the hemp.
I stuff my fuzzi bunz with Joey Bunz inserts. Two for day and two plus a microfiber insert for nights. This is just a matter of preference how heavy your babe wets. Joey Bunz are hemp which are very absorbent and trim. When you first buy any hemp inserts you must treat them before you use them because they still contain natural oils. To do this I boil a pot of water and add a squeeze of Dawn dishwashing detergent. Boil inserts in there for 10-20 min. Rinse very well with cold water (be careful they are hot!!). Then I boil again for 10 min. and wash them however I plan to wash them once I start using them (see below). This only needs to be done at the beginning or if they ever start to smell bad. Mine have never had any odors and this can be accomplished by having a very good wash routine. You can buy these new at many online places or buy them used at and
Well, I use as infant prefold wrapped around the little square snap in inserts that I got with some little lambs diapers I bought off ebay before I knew better. I got my hands on a Babykicks Hemparoo insert and tried that with a prefold wrapped around it and it worked so well, I ordered some more. I've also tried a microfiber insert that came with a Swaddlebee diaper wrapped with the prefold and it worked too but the Hemparoo insert/prefold combo really really does the trick and is not ridiculously bulky which has allowed me to stick with the mediums FB's for a long time.
We're still sort of new to CDing, so I've been experimenting with different inserts and combinations of inserts. So far, I've had the best night time luck with a Nurtured Family microfiber insert (the one that comes free when you buy a FB from them) together with a Hemparoo Joey Bunz. This lasted him 12 hours the other night!

The other inserts or combinations that I've tried have ended up with him being wet in some cases, soaked through in others. For example, last night DH (it's his job to get him, change him if he needs it and then bring him to be to nurse) said that he was soaked through, neck to to toes (sleeper, sheets, everything), with a Wonderfulls microfiber insert (the double kind) -- and I had previously liked those inserts a lot. But, we're still experimenting.
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