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what do you stuff newborn/small pocket dipes with?

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a freind just gave me a few newborn pockets, and for the life of me, i can't think of anything small enough to stuff them with! wash cloths, maybe? any ideas?
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I have some of the XS FB that come with their own microfiber insert. Does the MOE website sell these separately? I can also fit a preemie prefold in them. HTH
I bought a ton of used WAHM hemp inserts on eBay REALLY cheap and they work wonderfully!! They are about the size of mama pads (for regular flow) and they fit in the dipes perfectly. I actually use them in DS's large FB's as well and they work great for that too. I have a handful of the Mother of Eden inserts and I love them, but for the cost I couldn't beat the eBay inserts. I think I paid $6.00 for 20 and they are awesome.
I used the MOE insert with the XS Fuzzi Bunz (it came with it) with the smalls I had I used an infant prefold.
I had some Tiny Heinys and small HH and I stuffed them with hemp fleece wipes. They fit perfectly and were functional later.
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