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What do you tell your older dc about other kids not nursing?

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Just wondering what other CLW moms do. I used to tell dd (3.5) that each child decides when to stop drinking milk, i.e., when they don't need it anymore. I know if I told her the truth - that most babies are weaned by their moms, at mom's choice, I think it'd disturb her. Recently, though, I have pointed out that most kids her age aren't nursing anymore. She doesn't believe that one day she won't want to nurse!

What have you told your older nurslings?
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josh hasn't really asked why his friends don't nurse, although he has asked why not all babies do. So i just asked him a few minutes ago ( when reading your post) why he thinks all of his friends but one(we're very fortunate to have friends who are also CLW) don't nurse - and Josh told me his friends' mommies don't let them anymore but his and "B"'s mommies do- kinda warms my heart the way he said it was like and his friend were the luckiest kids in the world!( lK)JMik_

sorry baby took over the keyboard
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I think I've just explained that most moms can and do nurse, but some cannot, and that that's what bottles are for.

Last week though, I had the birthing/breastfeeding doll with me, while waiting while DD was in her Spanish class, so I could sew on yarn hair that I'm not allergic to, and a 2 year old asked "where's her baba?" (bottle). I responded with "some babies get bottles, but not this one." I'd already snapped, I mean latched, the baby onto the momma doll's breast. I think the concept didn't register. The silence from the other 2 moms there was......interesting.
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We haven't really addressed it directly. I've mentioned that some kids don't need to nurse as long as others, and she's said once or twice that she's lucky to have a mama who lets her nurse still
, but that's about it. Funny thing is that she also doesn't think bottles are unusual or wrong or anything - since I woh, she had bottles of ebm as an infant, and now sees her brother getting them, too, from daddy. Maybe she assumes that all the bottles we see in public are also ebm bottles, because she's never asked about them or mentioned them at all.
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I just say "some babies get moo moo, and some don't." If he asks about a particular child "Z used to get moo-moo but he doesn't anymore" or "D still gets moo moo." He hasn't really noticed the fact that Z and D are both younger than him and still weaned before he did.
Gabe has never asked about other kids nursing or why some babies have bottles.
He never had a bottle in his life, nor have his baby brother and sister. I guess he just realized some babies have bottles.
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DD has yet to ask anything like that, but she also has yet to notice babies taking bottles. I'm not sure how I will respond when she does ask. I don't want to come across as harsh to other mamas but I also want dd to know that breastfeeding is normal and bottles aren't, ya know?
I tell Julian "___'s mommy didn't want to nurse anymore". We don't know any kids that self-weaned, everyone we know is mama-weaned or still nursing. He knows he'll self-wean (he thinks it'll be a long time from now), and says "you let me nurse cause you're nice".
We used talk a fair amount about which kids DD knows still nurse and which are weaned. At one point, she was claiming that babies nurse and so she's a baby. I started listed all the bigger kids we knew who still nursed. (Big meaning her age or older, I think she was 2). And we've discussed the fact that the other kids in her preschool are weaned. I don't go into ideas of who initiated the weaning. We did go to a weaning party for a friend of hers. I think she may be the oldest nursing child I know in real life now. (at 3 years 4 months) So I don't know how long before she starts noticing that.

Her only questions about bottles have been if she ever used them. I explained how I used to pump milk for her Daddy to feed her from a bottle when I had to go somewhere.
I recently told my dd (almost 5) that a friend of ours (about 3 at the time) had decided to wean. She laughed hysterically and said that was MUCH too young to wean!

You might guess that I have a lot of CLW-ers in my life....
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