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What do you think about this??? re: potty learning

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My dd is almost three, and she and I are both getting tired of diapers. I sat down with her and we talked about using the potty, and wearing panties instead of diapers, know the drill.
DD is very interested in the idea of having her own money, so we came up with the idea the I would put a quarter in her piggy bank everytime she pees or poos in the potty.
I asked her if there was anything special that she would like to buy with her potty money, and she wants to buy one of those horse tire swings. She was very excited with this arrangement.
This tire swing horsie costs like $70, that sure is alot of quarters!!! Do you think this will work??? Will she lose intrest before she gets that many quarters???
They sell these at the saddle shop in town, and I was thinking about asking the man who owns it if DD can put a horse on "Lay a Way", Maybe she could take in her quarters every week to pay on her swing. Do you think that would keep her motivated??? Will the guy who owns the store think I am crazy???
Ok, feel free to tell me I am crazy. But I am just ready to be done with the diapers already and so is dd, so I would try anything.
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I found bribery to be really effective at getting my son in the habit of using the toilet; we gave him carob candies when he used the bathroom. But we only did it for a few days. I think that extending the reward system past a week or so might be a bad idea. A lot of folks feel that using any tangible rewards is a bad idea, but I'm sure you'll hear from them so I don't have to go into those arguments.
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