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Hi All;<br>
I am looking at some Bumkins covers to go under my CPF's for my toddler. She's using Large prowraps now (which fit fine) and I like them for nighttime but would like something trimmer for daytime. And, I confess, something a little more interesting.<br><br>
I love the way the Bumkins covers look; do they work?<br><br>
Also, for those of you who have used them, how do they go size wise? My dd is 14 mo, 22 lbs. Should I go for the extra large (rated for 27-35 lbs) thinking that my dd will be able to use them in a few months or use large (22-28 lbs). I use Diaperaps large during the day right now but they are starting to get a little tight. It seems that I usually move up a cover size before the poundage limit is reached.<br><br>
Ideas? Thanks in advance...<br>
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