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What do you think of Happy Hempys?

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I want to try one for night with a wool cover, how do you like them? How absorbant are they? Is the fit like a regular HH?
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Yeah, I like mine pretty well. Fits like a regular HH but not as trim... it's cool because you can stuff it with as much as you like plus you get the added boost of the diaper itself. I use it overnight with a wool soaker.

I just got one of these today...what do you use to stuff 'em? I have micro towels and infant cpf's....should I bother with "real" stuffers?
CPFs might be bulky but if the micro towels work for you go for it! I use hemp inserts that Bonnie from Holden's Landing made for me.
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Do they have fleece on the inside like HH do? Or just Hemp?

Just hemp...I figure I can lay a piece of fleece in there.
I love mine. I have a super heavy wetter and I stuff them with a happy heiny stuffins (boy) and another hemp stuffer for a total of 16 (I think LOL) layers of hemp. I add a fleece liner on the inside to keep his bum dry, cover it with wool and sleep all night! YAY!!!

If one infant cpf would keep your baby all night, then I think it's fine. My babe's butt is HUGE with all the stuffing in there, but it holds! I only worry about trim during the day and I only use my hempy's at night.


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I fairied one once but have never tried one myself.
I'd like to because Iv never used a fitted before, just all pockets. I need something more breathable (sp?) for just around the house. He is getting a slight rash....uggg
I have two happy Hempy's. I stuff mine with a hemp prefold and use a PUL type cover. I LOVE them!
I hope this helps.

Linda, mom to sarah (2 1/2 years)

Originally Posted by lgallin
Linda, mom to sarah (2 1/2 years)

Just wanted to reply to say hey I'm a Linda mom to Sarah 3 yrs
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Ooooh, I love 'em. I love all my HH's. This was one of the things I tried while searching for a new night time system and it worked great for us (ds is quite a heavy wetter too). We use it with a pf and a doubler and top with wool.
The Hempy's are great for bedtime. We use them stuffed with either a premium prefold (in which case his butt is HUGE HUGE) or 2 joey bunz and a fleece liner on top, covered with a wool soaker.

Works brilliantly, never any leaks. What's great is you can add more absorbency and it doesn't matter because the wool soaker keeps everything in.

Fantastic stuff.
What other kinds of covers (can't really use wool) would work with a HH for nighttime (fleece?)? Would two stuffins fit in there?
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I've got one that Linda herself sent me when I was looking for a night time solution and I love it. I find I need less stuffing than with PUL pockets - one joeybunz for night does us in there. With a wool cover its brillian. Also with Happy Hempys and also Happy Heinys I've never had that annoying wing curling/velcro scratching that we get with other velcro closing diapers.

We also have a windpro cover and some ordinary polar fleece covers I made myself and it works with them all. And I've copied a few (for our own personal use of course) and they work just as well but the velcro scratches a bit.
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