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What do you think of this wrap?

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I just bought one of these and am getting anxious, hopefully I can figure it out and I like it for 1mo DS...

I was wanting more of a MT-type, do you think this is similar? I'm starting to have doubts, and since I just tried on my friend's MT, and I LOVE it, I don't know if I'll like this one. Any feedback? I guess I should have asked this before I bought it, but I jumped the gun. LOL.
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This looks similar to a Moby Wrap. My Moby was GREAT for DS. It was the only thing he was content in for walks/naps. It has a slight learning curve, true, but I really liked it!

We stopped using it when it got too hot here (it's a fair amount of fabric).

I liked it more than my Mei Tai, the straps on MTs start to bug me after we have been out awhile. That didn't happen with the wrap.

I hope it works for you!
That is a wrap so it won't be like a Mei Tai at all really. It is basically 6 yards of fabric that you tie around yourself versus a square of material with 4 straps. Since that wrap is stretchy, you will likely find it comfortable only until your child is around 20 lbs or less. I've never used that kind, so I don't know how stretchy it is though. I love a stretchy wrap for newborns and small babies.
I used something very similar w/ my DS and now again w/ DD (2 wks old) and I love it!

It's a bit more work than a sling to put on but it's so comfortable and distributes the weight much more evenly, IMO. Once you've done it a few times you'll be a pro.I don't have experience w/ a Mei Tei, so I can't compre.

Good luck!
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It looks like a Moby or HugABub but like the pp, I don't know how stretchy it is in comparison.

I have a stretchy wrap and love it for my 6 week old dd. I can actually nurse in it while I haven't yet gotten the hang of it with my woven wrap.

I wore my oldest in my Ultimate Baby Wrap (a stretchy) until she was around 22 or 24 lbs. You may find that you'll want to switch to a woven wrap or MT after around 20 lbs. After my daughter hit 21 or so lbs, I switched her to back carries with my stretchy wrap.
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