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I want to make a picture book of photos that my mom took of my birth for my midwife as a way of saying how grateful I am for my homebirth experience and that she was a part of it. My mom thinks it is weird and DH said to do whatever I wanted...a lot of help their feedback was... What do you all think of the idea? Is anyone doing something similar?

BTW-I hope everyone is enjoying their babymoon
and sending labor vibes to those still waiting...
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Would you make this picture book so that she could not only admire it but show it around to clients and prospective clients as an example of what a home birth could be like? I think that would be a great idea. However, if you would not want her showing it and just keep it personal, it would seem like a bit of a waste. Though I am sure she would appreciate it.

It sounds like a neat idea.
sounds like a fabulous idea to me. just make sure the pictures are well edited and focused on the subject & not background stuff. black & white really helps with letting the eyes focus on the birth & not the extraneous "stuff" in the background.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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