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What do you think?

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Hi ladies,

I was due for aunt flow on the 1st.. it's now the 13th and just today I am having light brown/light pink discharge.. no signs of period.. no cramps that I am so used to. I have taken multiple HPTs and all have been negative.

So.. what do you think? I can't shake the feeling that I am.. but it seems like maybe my period is just funny this month? Anyone have anything similar to this happen?

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its possible you are pregnant and just not metabolizing the hCG

however, its more likely that you just havent ovulated on time this month and it could be a while until AF shows yet.

Some doctors offices would let you come in for a blood test at this point... all would if you do not mention that you have taken tests but they would likely just give you a urine test... which would be less sensitive than home tests in most cases.

Other doctors say not to come in until you miss your second period without a positive pregnancy test. The only way to know which your doctors office is is to call them and find out.
Give your doctor's office a call especially if this is abnormal - could be a long cycle.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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