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What do you think?

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The couple who babysits for us have been TTC for awhile....
the day I found out they were pregnant I also found out they had lost the baby...
I know they were so excited and I wish there was something I could do for them...
I've talked to them a few times about how they're doing and told them we're thinking of them...
I had seen here and other places that the book "Empty Cradle, Broken Heart"
is a great book
I ordered the book and I would like to give it to her....
They only lost the baby a few weeks ago, but I feel like I should have done more sooner....
I dont' want to offend her or make her mad by giving her the book, I just don't know what to do for her....
is it too late to offer my shoulder? Her husband said "oh, I've been more upset than she is"
So I don't know if she's even been thinking about it... maybe she's trying to act like its no big deal... I just hope that if she needs time to be at peace with everything that she takes the time to heal....
So I'm hoping maybe the book will help her

Is this a good idea? Do you think she might be insulted that I gave it to her??
Any other thoughts on it?

Thanks a bunch
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i'd give her the book! you are giving it out of a place of care and concern, and it may not be as late as you think. she may not need to read it now, but she may need it some time in the future- and her husband would benefit from that book too. you're being a great friend. i wouldn't hesitate to act on your initial desire to help her.
After my first loss i had a friend give me a book about grief and pregnancy loss. It was extremely helpful and it felt really neat that she was thinking about me. When i was done w/ it i donated it to my midwife so that it can help other moms. i think that it is wonderful that you want to help your friend in this way.
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Someone I know lent me some books after I lost my first child. I gave most of them back to her and kept one, saying I needed it until I had a live child in my arms. She was okay with that, and I look forward to giving it back to her soon

I agree with PP: if you do this with love and concern it is a very valuable gesture, even if they don't use the books (and you might never know if they do or not). It really helps to know that someone is wanting to be helpful, and making efforts in that direction. We got a card from someone over a year after we lost our daughter, and it was very helpful because it was from the heart.
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