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Okay so I already have my self a so called business but it's not mine, mine. I sell giftbaskets and candy bouqets but it's all drop shipped from the warehouse. I like that it's easy and my end mostly involves marketing BUT I really want something of my own, you know.
Maybe I'm just being greedy or hard to please. I've been thinking alot lately of doing embroidery. Special made shirts, blankets, bibs, etc with cute little sayins on it, the child's name, breastfeeding and cloth diapering advocacy. Just about anything on just about anything. My way of advertising the things I care about and something of my own at the same time. I also though of making cute little embroided soft books with short stories(like Bf toddlers, eating more veggies, bedtime, etc). Also maybe hand painting some of my saying or poems onto different sized tiles, and decorating them with colors and ribbons, fit to be hung on a while or placed on a mini-easel. I've thought of everything from a name to what I would like to make to where and with who to advertise. In all hoenstly I am not that great at a sewing machine(although with an embroidery machine you don't need to be) but my mother is and wants in on a profit.Baby blankets with a short story on it about the day baby was born! So many things can be done with it.

So am I getting ahead of myself and should stick to one project at a time or go for the gusto with somehting I think I may like. I know I have the creative part of it down, the rest doesn't seem that hard to me but I may be wrong. Or are there enough of those ideas running around to where I should stay out of it?
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